Swimsuits to Use According to Your Body Type

Costumes of bathrooms for each type of body
The holidays are just around the corner, and who go looking for a good bathing suit best for these holidays? I know we all have different body, by those will give you tips on how choose a swimwear according to your body type, so that they can enhance their attributes and hide those minor flaws that always bother us or complexed.For GORDITAS:

  •        A whole swimsuit, i.e. one piece is ideal
  •        Do not use many colors or patterns that will make you see more rellenita.
  •        Colors such as black, blue marine, or others that are dark are a better choice.
  •        If you prefer to wear a swimsuit in 2 pieces, constructmaterials advises you use one that supports you bust, like halter types.
  •        There is also one of 2piezas top as a franelilla, are more longer than the others, those you also favor.
  •        PROHIBITED: use very tiny swimsuits and that fit you too tight, not only will you do that she is you notice more the cauchitos or llanticas so much hate.

Paras which have much hip:

  • You should wear swimsuits whose part below is not striking, i.e. not having much prints or very vibrant colors.
  • As we want to deflect a little attention from hips must use in to the top super flashy designs, you can use any printed colors.
  • A trick to hide a little hip is underside of your bathing suit shorts or those boy-shorts, that create the illusion that your hips are more small
  • PROHIBITED: use bikinis that have flown on the bottom, faralaos, lasitos, or any other detail, not only will make your hips look larger.

To which they have body ATLETICO (long shoulder and back):

  • You should do the opposite to those that are very hip in terms of bottom your bikini, is to say that you should use patterns, bright colors, and if you have adornitos better.
  • The best thing you can do is that bottom tie to each side, will see your hips wider
  • It is best that you use type healte, help to give an illusion that you’re not as wide.
  • FORBIDDEN: strapless since you’ll only do that back and your shoulders look wider.

Paras which are very thin:

  • You have to use decorated swimsuits, which have cute colors and prints.
  • Use clear and colorful colors
  • At all costs avoid dark colors like black.
  • The bikinis that are moored at the sides will be your best friends.
  • PROHIBITED: use swimsuits that fit you, otherwise you really more thin.

For which they have long bust:

  • USA swimsuits whose party top is halter type, you look very well.
  • Use dark colors such as black or Navy Blue at the top.
  • Avoid at all costs using prints very eye-catching and flown at the top of your swimwear.

PROHIBITED: use swimsuits that do not give you the proper support, since you can have accidents.
For which it has little bust:

  • Wear swimsuits that have filling, or Cup at the top.
  • The great prints and vivid colors will make you they look more bust if you use them at the top of your swimwear.
  • Bathrooms with bolados costumes also help give the impression that you have more bust.
  • Do not use swimsuits that are black on top or your bust is vera more small.
  • FORBIDDEN: wearing swimsuits swimwear strapless or without glasses.

For which they are very high:

  • You can use almost any type of swimsuit, the less comprehensive, they will make you see long, most of what you are.
  • You can use pretty colors and prints.
  • 2piezas bath suits are your best choice.

PROHIBITED: use swimsuits that are young and you cover, you see more high than you really are.
For those that are of low STATURE:

  • Use swimsuits that do not have much stamping, you must use simpler.
  • 2piezas bath suits are your best allies since they will make you see higher.
  • Is that your bikini is cut low (hip) so you can see yourself more elongated.
  • PROHIBITED: use (at the waist), high-cut bikinis because you see more small.