Sweet Dreams under My Pillow

Agreat relaxing cushion which ensures a sweet, deep sleep, can create quite alone. For this purpose it is necessary to obtain 100 g of dried herbs, mint, lemon balm and thyme, and them to add another 200 grams of dry flakes of pine cones.
All this is placed in a thick linen or hemp fabric and is sewn in the form of a small cushion, measuring 40 by 30 cm.

Pillow with Herbs
To bring in the bedroom exotic Far East can pick from the Indian shop square pillow case at Epillowcases.com in which to put fragrant bag or sew yourself one.
It is not necessary to lay on this cushion, but it is sufficient for it to be near you while you sleep. Herbs combined with cedar cones, in addition to smell a long time, due to bactericidal action will provide and clean of viruses and bacteria air sleeping.
More fragrant and cozy atmosphere will accomplish, if you make several herbal pillows and scatter them on the bed or at different angles around the bedroom.