Sunglasses Trend 2016 Women’s

To protect flashes of the paparazzi or simply rays UV, the stars always have sunglasses screwed on the nose. Panorama of models by celebrities.
Spring is barely felt that we already consider the pair of sunglasses that you screw over our nose throughout the summer. And to give an idea of trends, nothing like that take a look at models dubbed by celebrities, that summer and winter, spend their time hidden behind scratched solar mounts.

Sunglasses Trend 2016 Women's

The Stars and Ray Ban

If some like Kendall Jenner and Jennifer Lopez showing their penchant for the RayBan to Airman to the Tom Cruise in TopGun, others like Chloé Moretz or Miranda Kerr rely on other iconic brand model: the Wayfarer.

The Return of the Xxl Sunglasses

To protect flashes of the XXL sunglasses, the stars have not found better than the oversize sunglasses that covers part of the face. We think of Victoria Beckham or Lily Collins, which counteract the effect mask their glasses in a shade of glass smoke, less imposing than the total opaque black.

Addicts In Fancy Sunglasses

Real fashion accessories, sunglasses sometimes take the fanciful appearance directly inspired by the sixties. We thus take example on Olivia Palermo and her sunglasses design retro Dakota Johnson and his solar Butterfly frames.

The Mirrored Sunglasses

We thought them out of fashion, and yet the mirrored glasses seems to make resistance. It was able to spot them on Blake Lively and Lady Gaga, silver colours a little bling but much more subtle than their gold equivalent.
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