Summer Outfit Ideas 2016

Finally, summer 2016 is really in motion and we would like with this “all-over-white look” kidnap prefer holidays. Informal, delicate looks with Romantic character fit perfectly on this so eagerly awaited summer days! We cases in a light robe in white and dream of strolling in style on the beach promenade of St. Tropez, Ibiza or Mykonos.
Ladies, even far away from the beach and sea, you can in this outfit your favorite gelato served in the new In-Eiscafé or invite your girls for brunch. Here our styling tip is finally warm summer days:
When styling restraint is called for: An All-White Summer Combination of Blüschen and shorts emphasizes the modern understatement. The blouse by René Lezard (the fashion house available) makes the material mix for an airy feeling fresh and keeps us on hot days like these cool.

Silky soft materials and a touch of transparency emphasize your feminine and romantic side.
In completely white outfit with just a few touches on the accessories, the whole look is very feminine and soft. A shorts in summer is an absolute must, not glued so the leg as long pants and may the light of these summer temperatures not missing definitely. The MODEL OF TORY BURCH emphasizes your sexy legs and acts in the romantic crochet design even sweet innocent. A mini So for maximum effect!
Hung over his shoulder, worn cross body or casually wrapped around the wrist-at ANY DI is anything goes. This HENKELTASCHE Munich It labels gives the camouflage look your simple outfit Power. Two carrying handles, removable shoulder strap for even remaking a backpack… WOW, could not be better.From because: We love the sweet SUNCASE OF ANY DI Transparent to Bag & Co. hanged and suitable for any size glasses.
Contrasts with the shoes complement the whole: The SANDALS FROM TORY BURCH are in gold wonderfully elegant and with cut-outs super refined and trendy. The golden WEDGE SANDALS BY MICHAEL KORS are perfect for summer evening events with which we dance style through the nights.
Is crowned the romantic look with the right accessories. Cool SUNGLASSES FROM KERBHOLZ to Suncase? Definitely! Precious sparkling MERMAIDS CHAIN OF NICI VAN GALEN? Absolutely! These stylish accessories are definitely a must, what do you think?