Summer 2016 Bais Store!

The spring is knocking on our door and with it the beautiful spring/summer collections are already in waiting to drive us crazy desires and more wishes fashionistas! It enters the station, leaves the station and everybody goes crazy for renew our wardrobe!
The collection summer 2016 of Bais Store is a wealth! From casual chic to cocktail dress look, for all occasions in one place, filled with desires beyond fashion. The hottest season of the year comes full of details, and the rents always leaving us women still more feminine and elegant!
The new black and white prints, vibrant colors and prints, and sure enough the total look white also will be present. The Bais Store brings looks with all the hip trends of summer 2016. Innovative shapes with cutouts and wonder cuts, who value the body. Each piece more beautiful than the other.
You already know that the Bais Store is a younger sister of shop holidaysort and specializes in women’s multi brand focusing on looks “casual chic”, different from the proposal of the Maison Bais and totally different from what we see out there! There you can find since parts for the day-to-day (always with great elegance!) and even more informal events that require a more classic look.
So I fall in love with all the beautiful news of Bais Store and go around kicking ass on street style!