Stylish Wall Stickers

Boring walls of your room you can easily decorate a wide range of attractive stickers on the wall. Come to choose a design that they catch the eye.
Have you tired of white paint rooms or have you had grown from a magazine posters on the walls? Then we have for you a great tip on how to revive its original walls – wall stickers from . And do not worry, even parents do not protest because it is a high quality stickers, which do not damage the wall.

Stylish Wall Stickers

Perfectly crafted painting

Stickers, which you will find on are made ​​of vinyl, so do not peel yourself, but also go very easily removed without damaging the wall down until you get tired. Moreover, their surface matte, so do not look like children’s stickers, but how perfectly crafted painting. But now directly for motives that they are on these stickers beautiful.

Personal lyrics

Whether you’re looking for a quiet girl and the only home decor wallpapers, or you rebel that calls to his room for something really original and distinctive, they will receive a sticker. An absolute novelty is necessary personal lyrics. Stick to the wall so you can buzz, quote or need any favorite songs. Shorter texts can then nestylovat into a visual test that you know from doctors surgeries.

Entertainment not only in your room

Bolder funny stickers are great and can complement your interior, because you can not just stick to the wall, but also on the furniture. Fake shelf full of things okounějící meerkats, piranha feeding on small fish and leaving behind frameless or bull pushing wall is only the beginning.

Creative pile themes

If you prefer neutral decoration, or your parents will not allow any rebel a bit, do not despair, as well as natural or abstract motifs are simply amazing. Classics need a sticker flowering tree , fluttering butterflies, or origami birds. If you want to paste stickers least a piece of yourself, you can choose one of the creative themes that let shuffle them in any way, and will always look good.

Stickers for the whole room

Still, you wide range of stickers not chosen? In this case, it is time to proceed with the actual proposal. Designers from Fugu because they can not only create a sticker by your proposal, but in addition they can propose design for your entire room. There are already count but with a slightly higher price than the stickers from their shop. After all, it will be the true originals who have no one else will not be home. Whether you pick but the sticker from the shop or at peace, you will see that they will be the envy of all visits in the same way.