Style Tips for Thick Legs

If there’s one thing a lot of brazilian have in common are the thick legs. This is the desire of many women and it is not by chance that we see many gyms killing each other every day to increase some centimeters on thighs. But the owners of the legs turned face some small problems when it’s time to get dressed.
Fashion’s increasingly democratic and there’s not so many “disclaimers” when it comes to find a look that is inside of the trends. What they used to just fit in skinny girls, today we have styles to suit all tastes and sizes and you can take advantage of it.
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There is a fear that looms in the minds of those who have thick legs: they are afraid to wear something short or very fair and sound cheap. However, you may well make a big production out of it using the piece of clothing that you feel like without giving up the elegance and sophistication.

Flare Pants

This model is an excellent choice for those who besides big legs also have wide hips. They are wider in the region of “potato of leg opening as they descend. The length goes beyond the ankle, even almost drag on the floor.


According to, this footwear classic is a great choice for those who want to tune the silhouette. The pumps leave the instep quite free, giving continuity to the legs which cues more elongated and thinner too. The ideal is to use the thin beak and has no type of mooring in the ankle.

Straight Pants

As the name implies, these pants have a straight cut and can be found both in how much fabric or knit jeans. Therefore, is to assume that skinny guy’s pants are completely forbidden and out of context. They make your legs much larger and you get a lot of like an ice cream cone.

Dresses and skirts

This pair is simply flawless! But, you also need to be careful with the template that you use to not cause the opposite effect. Here, the length is the most important: never below the knee and never far above. The ideal balance is just above the knee to don’t show too much thick legs.

Some tricks

If you like a particular style of clothing or piece it is not necessary to get rid of it and never buy anything like that. The best is that you can adapt it to your biotype. If the idea is to get the attention of big legs, the interesting thing is to draw attention to the upper part of the body with a beautiful necklace or a blouse more plastered.
Shoes that cause a flattening effect as the mid-cut boots, sandals with moorings and buckles at the ankle or pantyhose texturiza are not good options. See that it is not necessary to remove the pantyhose and Yes and avoid a type that shows something you want to disguise. The same goes for the patterned pants, but there is no need to deprive them completely. You can perfectly use pattern on the underside with straight pants, for example.