Style Muse – Giorgia Tordini

Our style Muse of today runs a bit of street style standards current.

Let’s face it, these days what we’re seeing in the streets during the Week sets are not “real” personal, huh? Increasingly produced, full of affectation, many look like characters, nothing “style of the street” real.

I’ve been looking at some pictures, and it appeared that some were going to a costume party or, at least, was rolling a certain appeal to draw attention. Of course we have to produce more to these occasions, but what do you expect from this kind of picture, that niche to create trendy, is at least a “paperweight” in reality, huh? Who’s going to walk around holding a purse in the shape of a chicken?! Just Anna Dello Russo!

And that’s why our Muse stands out in the crowd of fashion victims. She is minimal, elegant, classical and fashion and still current. Giorgia Tordini is simple and chic.

Italian living in NYC, designer and Creative Director, Giorgia is always in extent, is with accessories, use of brands and never, ever, see overdressed or all decorated. Logorrhea isn’t! Giorgia uses from Zara to the most luxurious designers and is a fan of neutral tones and looks total black, only with jewels and interesting accessories and specials, like handbags and shoes, which recently confessed to be your passion.

To accompany the classic look with a “twist”, the makeup is minimal and the hair with a little disheveled.

Giorgia Tordini is muse and the best kind, of those who do not need much to be someone disagrees?

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