Stickers Facebook Messenger Come to the Web Version

After testing if the application stickers Messenger glued (huh, huh?) Among its users, Facebook took them to the web version. Are huge designs that have almost the same function as small emoticons, but occupy a espação the conversation screen and are more cute.

The stickers have appeared on the web version of Facebook is one of the interlocutors was in a cell and send. Now, can you put into any conversation; just click on the icon next to the camera (used to make sending pictures), the same as before, was exclusive to emoticons. They, moreover, are still there, but in the last tab – probably to highlight the novelty.
In addition to the smiley faces, there is also the kittens tab – thank God! – Pre-installed and an icon to go to the store, where you can download more stickers if the first 72 are not sufficient to exacerbate emotions. Those that are downloaded from the web sync with your smartphone and vice versa. But it has no way to remove the package after installation, so be wise in your choices.
Out of curiosity: the wave of put grandonas figures chatting began in Asia; the function is popular in some chat applications widely used there as Line and KakaoTalk.