Steve Jobs Kept Working on Their Secret Project after His Resignation: The Apple TV

Genius and figure up to the end. Steve Jobs gave the baton to Tim Cook and when everyone thought that he would have stayed at home resting and facing his serious illness, we now know that worked intensively in a project secret (although very rumored): the Apple TV.
Walt Mossberg has recognized now that the day of resignation from the co-founder of Apple, this telephoned him and transmitted to him his enthusiasm the new draft which was delivered in body and soul.

“We have found the way to do it and it will be fantastic”

The call was intense and Jobs invited his interlocutor to come for your home in a few months to see the evolution of the project. Ignoring completely his convalescence, genius does not hide his enthusiasm: “we have found the way to do it and it will be fantastic,” he said to Mossberg. And just two months later, Jobs died and, allegedly, this project in which so excited he.
Mossberg said the voice of Jobs already in that conversation was very weak but not his enthusiasm, always overflowing. What has become of this exciting project which seemed already in the process of seeing the light? Nobody knows it, but it seems that the pragmatic Cook It has relegated it to a second but has left it on sidings. Time will tell what.