Steam Must Be a Streaming Service

Valve has many features for Steam services. Now they will also be streaming service.
Valve make play operating system Steam and develop many games for Steam. But Valve is through Steam also sells, now will also be a Steam Valve and streaming service.
The service would offer users to stream a game from one PC to another. It can for example be that you have a great and powerful desktop that pulls the heavy read, while comfortably lounging on the couch and playing on the laptop. Valve calls the addition of “in-home Streaming”, then it is only possible within the same network. So far at least.
“In-home” Streaming “is still in beta development stage and you must have an invitation to try the service, but you can see a video from Ars Technica including which map shows how it works.
You can read more about the “in-home Streaming” on Steams own website here.
Does this sound like something you could find to use?