StarDash, or How Honor Overhand to The Gameboy

Within the large number of developers of video games for mobile devices, whether they are large or small, I must confess that OrangePixel is among my favorites. Perhaps the aesthetic pixel or that airecillo retro that exude titles as Meganoid but the truth is that their games have a special charm.
Today we have to talk about his latest creation: Stardash. A platform which, at first glance, draws attention for its style, pixel and its color palette. More gamers (well OK, the title is a very clear track) already have recognized, indeed: Wissler is a tribute in every rule to the Gameboy with which many of us have grown.
Stardash does not hide his intentions at any time of appeal to the aesthetics of the portable Nintendo: the palette of colors, the level design, music and even some winks as explosive turtle, enemy characteristic of Super Mario Land.
Apart from this we have a platform where we will have to overcome screens as soon as possible and getting as many points as possible to get you star. Each phase lasts no more than half a minute so we have to be fast and precise. In total, 40 more four unlockable levels, all of them are divided into four different scenarios.
The most surprising and pleasant to Stardash are controls. As I have already commented on occasion virtual controls for certain games are a little cumbersome, but I have to admit that Orange Pixel well has done very and the response of the buttons is really good. An excellent job. If we also have a Sony Ericsson Xperia Play we can enjoy with physical controls are there in this terminal.
Stardash is available in the Android Market in two ways. On the one hand one full version free with advertising in-game and another one version of payment to 1.59 euros without this advertising. If you liked the game and you like the retro style I recommend TimeChaos. Title also developed by Orange Pixel.

Stardashversion 1.0

  • Version of Android: Since 1.6
  • Developer: OrangePixel
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: Free / 1.59 euros
  • Category: Games