Square Enix Will Release Their Games for Android Market

In an unexpected movement, Square Enix, video game company creator of Final Fantasy and more recently with a strong bet on video games for Android, has decided to engage fully in the growing market of mobile games. Why have tabled will be the Square Enix games store to take them all the income of sales that make from their output without having Google’s through.
The store, which will carry the little original name of Square Enix Market, for the time being and until any news saying otherwise, will be a games shop exclusively for Japan, in collaboration with three of the biggest operators of the country, KDDI, DoCoMo and Softbank, which will try to bring this market serial terminals that sell operators thanks to a deal with the company.
Of the shop is scheduled for December 1 and will include Dragon Quest Monsters Most Wanted!, Chaos Ring, Final Fantasy, and Crystal Defenders, but other jewels such as Chrono Trigger and Itadaki Street They later reach the market Square Enix, which has many ballots to have a relative success among the Japanese more hardcore gamers and that it could give a boost to Android in Japan despite having most of the market. Is expected to be released there first games to later go up it to the Market, but is also speculated to make use of the virtual currency of Square Enix, Crysta.