Square Enix Announces Three New Games for Android

Following in the Tokyo Game Show, which is taking place at the following times, Square Enix It keeps in its ads carry old games to mobile operating systems, including Android. They remain remakes, but this time it will be of three games , some of them creating school and well-known in the West, being declared as the best of the genre even after more than ten years of its output in some countries.
By side we are with Itadaki Street, a game of Monopoly with the Dragon Quest franchise, except that instead of bankrupt the opponents did not find the need to have a sufficient real estate value at the time of going through the Bank to win the game, making a game somewhat more defensive than the rules of the Board game.
We got on another known game, since we are with the port of Dragon Quest Monster, a game of the same name franchise that adds the ability to capture monsters for use on your part in the fighting in the style of the greatly renowned saga of Pokémon capture.
To finish we find perhaps the biggest surprise, since it is of Chrono Trigger, almost unanimously regarded as one of the best RPGs of the Super Nintendo and had a remake with cinematic animation in the PSX and a later reissue for the console Nintendo DS.
At the moment it is not known the exact date of its release or if they will come out of Japan although the popularity of some sagas can boost an international release. At the moment it is known to be released this year