Sprinters Do Well At MTB Trail Outdoor Marathon in Americana

Tamara Pesoti And Antoniel Da Silva Are The Fastest In The Elite Pro Category
The first stage of the MTB Trail Outdoor Marathon took place on Sunday in the city of Americana, organized by kalangas Bikers, which favored the pilots who are more accustomed to boulders, since the 18 km course had climbs with little slope and rapid descents thanks to the terrain Firm, despite the accumulation of sand in several parts.
Thus, the Pro category riders gave 3 laps, and the competitors of Sport 2, 54 and 36 km to finish the race respectively.
Highlights Of The Inaugural MTB Trail Outdoor Marathon Trail
Among the highlights that will be reported in this article as soon as the results are released, one was the phenomenal cap of Professor Arnaldo, editor in chief of “Nóis na Fita A TV”, whose helmet in the fall was destroyed by impact on the ground.
“Over the course of the 8km race I had been trying to secure my place on the podium, and then on a downhill curve I did not even realize that the front wheel of the bike slipped and fell to the side, bumping its head very hard. Not wanting to do marketing, the luck is that ASW helmets, which have been supporting me for many years, are manufactured with the best materials and prepared to protect even the rider, undoing when necessary to save the life of the biker.
Almost immediately I got up and how it all hurt, I realized that I could continue almost in good shape, even though I knew I could leave the competition in the first two rounds of the program, but giving up or abandoning are words that are not in my dictionary and at least Honorable 6a. Placing in Sport Veterano B, in addition to what I still managed to preserve my Polar, which came out of this cloak almost intact.-concludes painfully happy Professor Arnaldo.
Ednilson Lopes Cardeli: Son Of A Brute, It’s A Brute!
Son of my hero, my masterJarbas Cardeli, who at age 67 pedals miuto, Ednilson from Team AÇAI MIL & ROSS, besides winning and convincing in the SUB-45 PRÓ Category, crossed the finish line on the wheel of the beast Antoniel Silva of Elite Category, A feat for any high-level competitor.