Sport Black Leggings

Women are moving away from the black leggings to new colorful outfits. The black legging wouldn’t more the darling of women in sport? Fitnessement-wife tells you all about the end of the black leggings sport.

History sports leggings

Always the black leggings has been my favorite for the sport. Already as a teenager, I wore black leggings nicely appointed “Leotard”. Subsequently, he has changed and flared on the ankles but, ultimately, it was always the same. In my closet, I now own some black leggings of all lengths: ankle, knee or mid-thigh but always black.

In the gyms, the black leggings is a classic of female sport holding according to EMILYLEGGINGS. It is fantastic: we can crawl on the floor, it is never transparent, it showcases her little top like his shoes.However, for some time, I notice that the proportion of black leggings in the gym has strongly decreased. But why so?
Brands of women’s sportswear are the first to offer innovative textiles, initially, and then innovative and colorful textiles then. Now, you see women wearing leggings of sport of all colors: clear, dark, multicolored, mottled,… The fun leggings made its appearance and is gaining ground because it is beautiful!
For my part I find it very nice. But I notice that the black legging disappears. I made this remark, it is several months ago and since then the trend has been to confirm. I said to myself: “expect next winter to see if the cold does not show a great classic, our friend the black legging closets.” Well no! Indeed, the colorful leggings became multi-season. So, should we fear the disappearance of the black leggings?
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