South Korea Will Let Android Users Delete Bloatware

Legislation must now ensure that Android customers in South Korea can get rid of unwanted, preinstalled applications.
In a Bill, we can only hope that other countries will follow, South Korea will provide the death knell for Android is bloatware.
The Korean Ministry of science, information technology and future planning, are in the process of preparing some guidelines that will let users delete applications as they do not need.
Applications which are related to the WiFi settings, NFC of app-store will not necessarily be a part of regulationen, but everyone else is in the firing line.Approximately 60 applications installed by the three largest operators is in danger. 
Also LG and Samsung get love to feel, more than half of the 40 preinstalled applications are chosen to be a part of the regulationen which was to enter into force in South Korea about three months ‘ time.

Bloatware is for gene

The Ministry said that all the preinstalled applications are an inconvenience for customers, and can help to create unfair competition between telecommunications companies. Further, there must now be informed about how much all the preinstalled applications fills.
The same rules are also expected to hit Google applications like Gmail and Hangout, among other things, but they are still in dialogue with the search giant.
It is expected that the regulations will come into force in april in South Korea.