Sound Box Wristwatch And Emits Musical Beats For The Body

The Basslet is a wearable sound box, about the size of a watch that takes the beats of the music directly to the user’s body. The idea is to create a sense of complete immersion to listen to music, play video games or use a virtual reality device.

Smart sound box with retro design plays songs in any format
According to the manufacturer, initially, to put the appliance, the sensation of beats if retains the wrist. However, after a few songs, the gadget gives you the feel of the body as an extension of the music and the user feels as if sound were your back.
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The Basslet consists of two items: a transmitter device and wearable sound box. Simply connect the appliance to the smartphone, laptop or any music source and plugging it to the headphones. Then electronic wrist will recreate the sound’s bass frequencies between 10 Hz to 250 Hz, allowing users to feel the beats like never before.
The connection between the transmitter and the music player is made through a headphone, which means that does not require the installation of any third party application and is compatible with any device, even with an old walkman. However, the speaker does not work with wireless headphones, which can be a problem for music lovers.
The Basslet may be used for up to 6 continuous time and recharges in less than 1 hour through a USB port. Despite the immersion afforded, the appliance is completely silent to the outside world.
Those interested in feeling the beats of music can acquire Basslet for $139.00 (about R$ 470.00) and the delivery rate for Brazil is $25.00 (approximately r $84.00). The project has arrived at the finish line of financing in the Kickstarter .
Via Kickstarter
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