Soon, The 016 Calls Will Not Leave Any Trace in The Mobile Bq

One of the greatest scourges of our society is to have not been able yet to eradicate deaths by violence against women, the past 2016 came to collect 44 victims, a list that could be higher because there are still seven cases in study. That is why from different strata of society are proposed solutions, more or less successful and effective, to finally tackle this enormous problem.
One of the solutions which takes time in force is the number 016. The number of care for battered women makes time not contained in the list of calls from the telephone bill, making it virtually invisible from the side of the telephone company, but, as reported on February 28 the Ombudsman, Soledad Becerril, that record in the register of the telephone.

Calls to the 016 will be invisible for phones bq

Bq, the Spanish manufacturer of mobile project manager the Aquaris, has put hands to work and has already announced that he has a solution to all your devices. Since the company confirmed to Reuters that will they get that number 016 calls do not leave any trace on their mobile phones.
Bq phones detected calls to number 016 and proceed to deletion of all records as soon as the call ends, leaving no record or in the list of calls or computing time on the internal counter of the mobile telephone. “It will be as if the call had never been made”, said a spokesman for the Spanish manufacturer.
The number, which no longer appears in the telephone company bills, also disappears from records of the telephone
The improvement plans to expand to more recent models which has marketed bq, without having specified even what terminal will be the first to benefit from this improvement in operation of the phone, although if they have offered a range of dates. Will they be affected those bq phones shipped since about a year and a half until today.
Bq has also stated that he would be happy to get in contact with the Ministry of health, social services and equality to put in knowledge of this proposed solution so that they can find evidence of having contacted the number 016, as from bq they understand that “must be extended to all manufacturers” to a common front could be established.