Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Review: Muscle Cell in the Compact Class [Mobile Test]

Sony creates a new niche in the smartphone world single-handedly with Xperia Z1 Compact.
With restaurant Nimb as luxurious backdrop, invited Sony Denmark, the Danish world press for a presentation of the Sony Z1 Compact. At first sight, left it to be plenty of pomp and circumstance, in order to introduce a mini version of the Sony’s current flagship Xperia Z1. But Sony’s new creation should prove to be much more.
Sony’s North European Marketing Manager, Ola Lilja Molén, pointed out namely by the apartment how Empire mode is in Android land-and noted, in particular, a gap in the market. For here are either myriads of small affordable cell phones, or a good handful of big, muscle bulging phones, but there is a noisy group of segment for small, but high-performance, Android phones.

In other words, there is an iPhone-shaped hole in the Android market, and it would Sony changer.
Sony would break trend with Android manufacturers and deliver a quality experience in a reduced format. They have also teamed up with test users from the iOS world and Xperia Z1 Compact is the result of their feedback.
Rugged water dog
Small is so good and with his goal at 127 x 65 x 9.5 mm it will be able to find a foothold in even the tightest back pocket. But just as thin and åleslank as Apple’s iPhone 5 (s) is not. It lies, rather, in the same class as mini-versions of Android flagships as Samsung Galaxy S4 mini or HTC One mini.
Size wise it is now a good place to be, the keyboard will not be relaxed manner and one can ever easily hit all four corners of the screen without having to reorder on the otherwise pleasant grip.
Although the goals are small is the build quality on the other hand, not minimized – here is 137 grams of rock solid smartphone. Front and back, you will find the hard glass plates guard of an alu frame, added a thin plastic edge, as acting shock absorber between glass and metal. At the same time, there is a little air between the plastic frame and screen, which ensures that even heavy-handed losses on the floor not by all means will be the phone permanently.
Xperia Z1 Compact is also unique by being IP58-certified, which in human language means that it is dust-proof and can keep anhydrous half an hour, in one and a half meters deep. Where other phones also can write waterproof on your résumé is also available in the Compact Z1 wet element – a dedicated camera button makes it possible to take pictures under water crust and the screen obeys quickly again after a dip in the tub.
As a consequence of the waterproof outer connectors and extensions are hidden behind gummed shutters – except for headphone jack, a practical detail. It requires a little deftness to access either micro-SIM, micro-SD and micro-USB. Since the micro-USB is used daily to load we recommend hot from here, to invest in its dock, which unlike the current Z1, is optional. Micro-SD card reader is also clever, if one were to grow out of the built-in 16 GB storage space.
The speakers also suffer a bit under the waterproof construction, first of all, there is only one of them and at the same time, the otherwise excellent sound is squeezed out of a small port at the bottom as easily covered to during use.
The screen deserves its own introduction, incidentally – even for Sony draws on a new chapter. In contrast to big brothers in the Z series, Sony IPS screen technology to one taken here, with significantly improved viewing angles and contrast to follow. The colors are flattering, even a bit overloaded in relation to a colour calibrated screen, but beautiful and intensely, it seems.
The actual screen resolution at 1280 x 720 is lower than what you will find with Xperia Z1 – but it is subordinate. HD-resolution is a reasonable match for the 4.3 inch large screen and the resulting 342 pixels per inch stands Nice in daily use, while there are sharper out there.
By outdoor use, we can see that the brightness could use an extra gear, iPhone 5 ‘s screen is a bit more powerful and easier to decipher here. In the winter cold is it however quickly forgotten, for Z1 Compact obey even glove-clad fingers – which will improve user experience tremendously.
I let me might be fooled by the neon-yellow exterior, but an association to Sony’s iconic ‘ Sports Walkman ‘ from the ‘ 80s is nearby. Sony Z1 Compact possess at least the same virtues as cult-product: high-tech in a robust and available to be – but now without the bulky Cabinet.
Muscle cell in the mini class
During the official presentation stressed that Sony Z1 Compact doesn’t compromise on quality, nor with performance. It is even sheer top-components that have found their way to the engine room.
2.2 GHz Snap dragon 800 quad-core processor with Adreno 330 graphics, 2 GB RAM, 150mbps 4 g antenna – the techno file will nod approvingly here. Quite expectedly, it is exclusively excellence Sony Z1 Compact displays for the day.
The slightly lower resolution does, in particular, that the graphics chip will have fewer pixels having to feed, with higher performance. In all tests and benchmarks scores top marks and it has not yet managed to get the compact krabat to demur. This is the fastest Android mobile have tested to date.
With hefty performance included also vehemently power consumption if the screen aperture all the way up while heavy 3D games are crushed, it can be so draining all power in under 4 hours.
But the Z1 Compact master also to be moderate with its relatively large 2300 mAh battery. Usually only the powerful Compact chip Z1 turns to, when there is a need for it, and then jetting back to sleep quickly.
In practice, this means that, lets one Z1 Compact up each night, keeps the whole day and more.
In addition, Sony’s own STAMINA mode effective, this mode disables background data when the power is at a premium and the aperture down the screen. For example, I drained the battery to only 10% at bedtime for 7 hours later to wake to an ever-living cell with 5% back. Most impressive is the subsequent ladehastighed, where the battery seems half up in half an hour.
Visually successful and useful software
All the bulging muscle force takes advantage of Google’s Android operating system, where the latest 4.3 4.4-release according to Sony, is imminent. Visually leans Sony’s own adaptation of Android itself close up of Google’s own, but with added bright and clear menus. It is good looking and functional in its simplicity.
The bundled software package is built around the 5 pillars: Walkman, albums, Movies, Playstation and Xperia Mobile Transfer.
The WALKMAN is the connected music central from which own or streamed music can be played. The user interface is intuitive and clearly based on Sony’s many years of experience within the area. It can scan their own music, but also Facebook-friend’s shared music. At the same time it is packed with options to adjust the audio, upload audio to other devices and to join the media servers. The simply everything.
Album and Movie are both galleries, where the Album in addition to fix and sort pictures also provides the ability to transfer images to popular photo services such as Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, etc.
Films such as media player is also successful and supports subtitles, at the same time provide background playback of last viewed video a little flair to the interface.
As a provider of their own gaming console and Sony TV has good cards to provide a fully integrated Web solution and here’s Playstation Mobile a key application. From here, you can Play Station menus are controlled but the phone cannot be used as controls except in some very few dedicated games.
Xperia Transfer is the solution for smartphone users from other units. With Xperia Transfer can contacts from both Android, PC, iPhone and Blackberry – with Windows Phone as the only notable exception.
Finally, I cannot find any software that take advantage of the Z1 Compacts unique industrial design and size. Sony could usefully have baked something Nike Fuelband, GoPro and Garmin Forerunner DNA into their software package. Fortunately, there are many alternatives that can be downloaded from the Google Play Great, and Sony has also shown with their Smart Band that there are solutions on the way.
Megapixels that disappoints
Go to camera specifications through promises camera uncommon good: entire 20 megapixels, great 1/2.3 “sensor and f/2 lens. In other words, plenty of resolution, 70% larger sensor than the competition – in fact, the same size as one finds in compact cameras, as well as a bright optics. On paper promise the uncommon good.
The actual camera application is successful, here are both full automatics as well as both advanced and creative features. In particular, the Timeshift function is available, in which the camera records the whole 30 frames per second, after which the picture that captures the absolutely right time can be selected in a slideshow.
Also interesting is the Info-eye, a search engine is based on geotag and image recognition can reproduce information on the motive or about the area. Totally convincing it doesn’t work in practice where I currently only have had success in getting recognized QR-codes or get the weather forecast for my location. More enjoyable, I have had it with AR-fashion, an ‘ augmented reality ‘ where among other butterflies, gnomes or tyranosaurusser can spice up the cubicle up. It also works sporadically but is considerably more fun.
Back to the impressive 20 million pixels. Despite a extravaganza of Sony improvements as G-optics or dedicated BIONZ image processor, image quality is not top notch. Zooms you right into are the details away and it admittedly noise free image is instead filled with unsightly artifacts from the hard hændende after treatment.
In the default setting, it is however no one notices when the camera neddrosler resolution to 8 megapixels and unoderne disappear. But wherein lies so the meaning of the many megapixels? Here I had preferred to see a slightly less ambitious resolution and a better after treatment.
Gratifying, however, that when the lights dimmed, the picture noise held down in a reasonable level and you can take pictures even without the distracting flash lights-provided that you hold the phone perfectly still, since there is no optical billedstabilisation.
On the video front, you will find the full HD resolution at 30 frames/sec and 17 mbps. The video quality is comparable to what one finds in the current top Android phones but stands not out. Also here is the billedstabilisation wanted to keep the picture of tranquility.
Z1 Compact – a mobile with identity
Is Sony’s mission so successfully? The compact and robust exterior and the muscular interior makes at least Z1 Compact for a reliable and adventurous acquaintance. There are a few flops, the camera keeps not quite what it promises and I miss some software that take advantage of the unique design.
Sony is to be commended for daring to try a new, or rather, a forgotten format with a top model with a 4.3 “screen. The result is successful – but an actual iPhone-killer will be probably not. And that’s really positive, instead of trying to emulate, has Sony given Z1 Compact its own identity through the completed industrial design.
What it does well is to put time in the dream of a more active lifestyle. When Endomondo firing up to jog or hiking boots snørres – then it’s Sony Z1 Compact I will reach for.
Sony Xperia Z1 Compact therefore gets 5 out of 6 stars on Electronicsmatter.
Sony Xperia Z1 Compact is available in trade from week 5 to 4000.0-crowns and comes in colors black, white, pink and lime. You can find it on here
-Robust design
-Waterproof to 1 ½ meters
-Excellent operating time
-Top performance
-4.3 “is perfect for single-handed
-Camera disappoints in daylight
-No optical billedestabilisation
-4.3 “is too small for some users