Sonos Software Is Updated Now to Version 6.3

A major software update, upgrade all Sonos apps and programs to version 6.3, is now on the way.
If you have a Sonos system, you can now look forward to a big software update that upgrades the Sonos’ many different clients from version 6.2.2 to 6.3, here before the summer break kicks off.
The new software update consists of five major news, which improves sound quality with certain services and, on the other hand, adds several new cool features in it for a better user experience.
Control your music from the iOS-lock screen
The first news is support for viewing from Sonos app directly in Quick Control of iOS-lock screen, so you can even easier to see the music tracks you hear without having to unlock your iPhone or iPad up every time. You can of course also change song, turn up and down and not at least pause and play songs from there.
Support for Force Touch
With iPhone 6s introduced Apple 3D Touch-function, which detects how hard you tap the screen and from there can perform a variety of special operations-for example, sneak peek in an app.
Sonos app now supports this new technology, so you can tap lightly on the screen and navigate more easily around the app. It’s still a little unclear how 3D Touch exactly is used in Sonos app, but it will of course turn out when the software update is out.
Use the Sonos side-by-side with other iOS apps
Another feature of iOS 9 that Sonos now supports, is Split View on iPads. This means that you can have two apps lying side by side-one Sonos-and thus have time for several things at once.
At the same time, the Sonos also compatible with Slide Over function in iOS 9, which covers over that Sonos app settles on top of other apps in one side.
Higher sound quality with Rhapsody and Napster
The two streamingtjenester Rhapsody and Napster have in 6.3 version got screwed up bit rate on all clients for an even better sound quality. The music from both services now streamed audio format AAC with 320 kb/s. According to Sonos yourself, you can look forward to a more vibrant, fuller and the richness of sound.
Easier tuning of sound with Trueplay Tuning
Finally brings the version 6.3 an enhanced experience with one of Trueplay Tuning, where you can analyze your space and calibrate the Sonos speakers, so sound quality is optimized to the surroundings.

Android 2.2 or later (some features require newer versions of Android)IOS:
IOS 7 or later (some features require newer versions of iOS):

  • iPhone 4 or newer
  • iPod touch (5th generation or later)
  • iPad 2 or newer

Mac OS X 10.7 or newer
Windows XP SP3 or later