So Getting Apple Wage Equity and Inclusion of Women and Minorities in The Company

Each year Apple publishes its report of diversity and professional inclusion. In these reports it summarizes quickly how they are progressing in the inclusion of women and minorities in the company. For now remains a majority white and male, although the developments are promising. This is the third year that the company has offered this report, and the progress is undeniable.
The first thing we see in the report is an increase of women hired by Apple. Globally the company already has a 32% of women in the template. This may seem an increase in insignificant if we see that by 2015 were 31%, while for a company that employs more than 125,000 people not anything insignificant. These data make more sense if we look that all hiring in 2016, 37% have been women.
On the other hand, in United States have been collected also demographic data showing information regarding ethnic groups and races. In 2016, 27% of recruitment have been underrepresented minorities. These minorities represented in the United States are made up of people black, Hispanic or native American among others. According to its employees, 22% feel part of an underrepresented minority.

Pay equity for workers

This year for the first time has been introduced in the report data on the wages of workers. Not as such figures, but the comparison between different wages, bonuses and subsidies that employees receive. The report focuses on the United States, even if they promise to carry out a similar study in the rest of the world.
This part of the report shows us how the company has achieved equal pay for all workers in roles and similar activities within the company. In other words, women earn the same as men and minorities as well as majorities win. If you perform the same activity as a partner of yours in any way he will have one reward greater than yours just by being.

Progress year after year

But perhaps the biggest news of all is to see progress in these three years, if we compare the data. In 2014, 31 percent of new hires were women and only 21% were underrepresented minorities. By 2015 these figures have risen to 35% and 24% respectively.
Currently the company works with 37 different organizations to improve the equity and diversity in the company. In addition, this summer will make several visits of students of different ethnicities and races to the Cupertino campus.
A total integration of women and minorities in professional and technological sector is a path long and difficult to travel both in United States and the rest of the world and both for Apple and other companies such as Google, Microsoft and Facebook. To slowly but surely getting enter the culture of diversity in society.