Slow Flying Remote Control Airplane

Fast and hard, each. However, easy to build and thus fly slowly, that is a challenge!

Fly Nearly Everywhere Possible

Slowflyer-so slow fliers are so small and – mostly – slow engine aircraft that can be flown in any park on any sports field or even in a hall.
The boundaries are blurred, as so often in life. But you can say so to 700-1000 grams are Parkflyer. Drunter Hall flyer below ( “indoor”). Built the Teensies sometimes made of balsa, but very often from Depron. Here are often true artist at work producing beautiful flying machines Miniature, and with only a few hundred grams flying weight. Since I can only say: Chapeau!

“Slow” But Not Boring

Although “Slow” means slow but not necessarily boring. Especially the small aerobatic planes of this class have it in them. With which you can, if you can, paint just exact figures on the sky as large specimens. It is particularly difficult, a small light aircraft, which is more buffeted by the wind, to bring clean aerobatic properties.
And very relaxing and relaxing are also available for advanced or expert these RC Slowflyer. Can you still fly in slow motion, require little space and give us access to completely new flight areas: the street outside the house, for example! Even the professional in RC aeromodelling will just not always bring his wildest machines with all the effort to fly. He is also looking forward to the simplicity of the RC Slowflyer.
Just the faithful replicas “real” aircraft succeed as RC Slowflyer often quite excellent. Many replicas fly namely whether their high weight too fast, therefore, to be nice to look even. A biplane from the early days of aviation must stop flying quite slowly. Since the RC Slowflyer are saving: just because they fly so pretty slow, replicas of classic cars are all the more beautiful than RC Slowflyer according to


The smaller with time, and the technical development of the electric motors and RC plants were, the smaller the models. And so it was only a small step from the park flyer for indoor flyer. No less than a hundred grams to about 500 grams weighing the small-trades. And most are the aerobatic planes that do not just fly boring circles, but “let out sow” the. Some are so light that even the hall ventilation has an influence on the flight characteristics.
We fly in prefer large halls, gyms rich already. Incredible to see how the pilots perform aerobatics here in a confined space. So quickly the hall ceiling or wall has jumped into the trajectory. So often we think as a spectator “egg, the Daus, just makes Peng!” But no, the guys know their models and the halls.
There is certainly no extremely expensive material at that creativity and aviation skills are paramount. Located next to the fun of Freud’ course!
And a very fine thing it is: the weather does not bother us! Whether it is stormy or snowing outside, inside the hall is nice and warm, because the good Lord caretaker has cranked the heater for us. How often would you winter else to fly, because it is too cold, thumb warmers or not.

Experimenting And Tinkering

It is here and in the indoor area you can experiment to your heart, tinker, try and try.The costs involved are in check, and the damage that can be caused in the worst case is minimal.