Sled or Bob – What Is More Suitable for Toddlers?

Winter time is sledging time, provided enough snow has fallen.Once outside, everything is white, and there is hardly any child left, and the fun of playing in the snow is accompanied by sleighing, snowmaking and snowballing.

The little ones want to join in, but what kind of sled is best for them?Sled or bob? See the advices from behealthybytomorrow here!

Sled or Bob?We show advantages and disadvantages

In the market there is now a very large selection of companions with whom the children can slide more or less rapidly through the snow, but not all are suitable for all ages.
The classic wooden sledges and so-called “sleds”, which are also known as bobs, are offered.Many parents ask themselves whether sleighs or bobs are better suited for toddlers and what kind of vehicles they should buy for their children.

The classic sled

The classic sled is ideal for the snow fun of the whole family.Small children can get together with the parents or a larger sibling child or the children can be drawn by the parents.On a really large wooden sled has even the whole family place.In our Kinderschlitten contribution we show suitable sleds for children.
On the horns of the classic wooden sleds, small children can hold on well and on sleds with backrest can be packed well even babies with mom or daddy enjoy the first sleigh ride of their lives.But the good old wooden sledges also have drawbacks.
Due to its construction, its focus is quite high. Therefore, the sleds quickly turn around and especially for small children it is very difficult to steer the large wooden sledge. Since the wooden sleds are quite heavy, small children often have problems to pull them up a hill again. Today, the classic wooden sleds for children are also made of lightweight plastic so that even smaller children can pull the sled better.

The sleek Bob

The bob or steering sled usually only seats one person.Family fun is therefore hard to experience.In the trunk, the bobs also take away so much space that it is hardly possible for each family member to take a bob to the tobogganing trip.Tip: The best models can be found in the article: Bob Test Overview & Comparison
Steering slides also have a lot of advantages. They almost always have a brake lever, can also be easily controlled by small children and do not tilt as fast as the wooden sleds.
On some bobs it can be very fast in terms of speed but these sleds are less suitable for toddlers and the hills should not be too steep.
In general, however, the bob is also very suitable for small children, it is much lighter, so it is also easy for children to climb the hill by children and it is generally easier for small children to handle.

Sled or bob – The bottom line

Sleds or bobsleighs for toddlers, this is very important as to how the snow is to be used.If the tobogganing is more of a winter fun for the whole family, a large wooden sledge is quite suitable.
This is where the whole family finds their place and small children can safely be taken into the middle.If the little ones prefer to collect their own toboggan runs and drive alone, a bob is well suited.