Single Lever Mixers for Bathroom

Parts also help make the decoration of space.
One of the most important features of the bathroom is comfort. Who provides these and other benefits are the single lever mixers for bathroom, which allow the exit of hot and cold water in a single command.
With this product, you can control more precisely the temperature and still enjoys the convenience of having warm water more easily – something essential especially on the coldest days of the year.
The advantage of single-lever mixers for bathroom is not limited to comfort. Another highlight of the product is its decorative power. With different designs, the pieces give an elegant touch to the space, and the right choice can be one of the protagonists of the decor.
The models that combine with other elements of your bathroom and watch the color of the product are available here, in chrome shades, chrome with black and chrome with white.
In addition to its decorative appeal, it is important to examine other characteristics of single-lever mixers, as their application. There are desktop models, installed on the sink top, and bidets. To provide greater convenience, in addition to the fixed versions there are also moving parts – both with options spout high or low.
After having analyzed all these peculiarities, make sure you get your single lever to the bathroom right now. After all, you do not want to miss the special conditions and the knock-down prices, right?
Install yourself
You are familiar with tools and adept to “do it yourself”? So put your hands dirty and install your product. Follow our step by step simply. In these instructions, you can also find tips on what tools and accessories will be required to perform this work. Check it!