Simple Tweet Deleted Can Cause Problems for US Lawmakers

It is under discussion in the United States the reaction of many members of Congress candidate’s decision for president Mitt Romney indicate Paul Ryan, another politician there, as vice president if elected. It turns out that the congressmen used their profiles on Twitter for comment, both for and against. Once out. US law prohibits these people express political opinions in what has been called “official profile”.
By “official”, understand that it is the case profile in which the congressman exercises public office. The cabinet is maintained with money public, so the staff working there, much less a member of Congress, can not use it to answer questions that do not relate to the official service. For example, the nomination of a candidate for vice president.
A civil organization for the defense of ethics and responsibility in Congress does favor of archive all tweets sent from the official Twitter profiles. I mean they know exactly what was deleted after you have passed the first minutes of the choice of Paul Ryan.
The Hill, site specializing in covering politics, explains that there are a number of rules for use of social networks in the House and Senate. In general, congressmen adopt a profile as “official”, which usually limited to drop communicated duly approved by the cabinet communications team, and other “political” in which emit strong opinions about issues that may not be the same of interest to those who follow the work of the office. The rule is to request verification of Twitter for a profile to be recognized for the office, the “official”.
we do not know what will happen yet. One thing is certain: post tweets in the official account is illegal by the rules of Congress. If they exist, it is a sign that lawmakers are eyeing that liquid and fast modernity. Still, many people breaking the law only shows that may have not done their homework as they should.
Here in Brazil there was a court decision that prohibited political campaign on social networks before July, just as the radio and chains television.
One of the congressmen said on Twitter that need to take multiple personalities on microblogging: the official, the staff, the campaign, and so on. Confused.