SimCity Deluxe Comes to Android Market: Create and Manage Our City Already Is Possible from Our Smartphone

Many years ago that Maxis launched the first version of SimCity, a game that later was to become a classic and one of the most played in the history. Not in vain was the forerunner of the adventures of the famous Sims, and the first to use the word to refer to people living in the created virtual city.
That is what concerns the game, and it’s basically a management game where we have that create and manage our own city, and we should not only pay attention to urban planning, but that we must be attentive to all aspects surrounding the management of a City Hall.
Now we will be able enjoy this great title on Android, and it is just landing SimCity Deluxe directly on Android Market, so that all the users of Google’s operating system make the Mayor within.
The published version, is also compatible with tablets and Honeycomb, not only with smartphones, and will run on all versions of Android from the Android 1.5 Cupcake. Unfortunately, we can not test the application for free, since you do not have a Demo, and the full game costs €3.99.
With SimCity Deluxe you will be able build, destroy and rebuild to let fly our imagination, and not only is suitable to play regularly, but it it also satisfied to casual players. Moreover, this SimCity Deluxe features with a new engine of disaster with which they will have to deal to bring our city to prosperity, with seasonal catastrophes, blizzards, to plagues of locusts and electrical storms.
It also includes a few new game modes scenarios and configurations varied, such as organizing “ World Games ” or manage heat waves. We can also begin with seven cities inspired by famous places, and rebuild them with other buildings to our liking, even can build 40 famous monuments.
The majority of adherents of the earlier SimCity already know the immense possibilities of this saga, so now just install them on our Android and let us soak everything offers us this great game.

SimCity Deluxe

  • Version of Android: from 1.5
  • Developer: Electronic Arts Nederland B.V.
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: €3.99
  • Category: Casual games

Create and manage your city in Android.
Designed both for regular players like casual, it unleashes the Councillor for urban planning you’re inside in the simulation of the world’s most famous cities construction.