Silver Bracelets: The Most Sought After For This 2017

Who has not inherited or has stored among his jeweler a precious and significant silver bracelet? A bracelet made of this precious material is always loaded with history and value.
The material is noble and grateful, full of spirituality and a long history, being used by goldsmiths for the most famous and prestigious pieces in the world of jewelry.
As we know, silver will be one of the favorites for this new year. Its elegance, simplicity and brilliance make it one of the first options to make any jewel, suitable for molding and experimenting with various traditional or avant-garde shapes, matching with a range of materials of different origins, and what better way to Incorporate it in your wardrobe than in practical bracelets as described in new jewelry to wear at any time? Here we bring you some models with different colors and styles that please all tastes, among which you can choose to renew your look 2017.

Silver Law or Silver Surface?

Favored by jewelers and goldsmiths around the world, silver law is almost pure silver (more than 925 parts per 1000 silver) and its unique finish can result in a shiny appearance or give an aged appearance, perfect for darken the edges and Highlight even the smallest detail of the engravings and contours that you want to add to your jewel. A bracelet made with this metal is the kind of piece that will last you a lifetime and more, with such a proper pulsing and keeping it resplendent in your wrist.
Of course, it is not necessary to spend all your salary on only pure silver jewelry, you will also find quality bracelets made of different metals and silver covers, these give a look similar to those of solid silver law, they help you take care of the Wallet and lights equally stunning, with any of them you can show off perfection by combining them with leather, steel, stones or shiny, ready for your debut.

Spirituality and Meaning

You can give your jeweler a touch of simplicity and at the same time endow it with symbols that will accompany you forever, such as this delicately carved cross by the prestigious goldsmiths of Cuchicuchi who shines full of brilliance in this pearly bracelet with vintage air, ready to be combined With other bracelets or with these silver earrings of the same motif being a tribute to the late George Michael(singer of Wham!) And the fashion that implanted between artists and singers around the world in the 80’s.
Another mystical motive that is returning with strength are these little bells known as callers of angels. If rattlesnakes were a must from last year, that trend evolves into these heavenly silver law bracelets.
Made with leather youthful , elegant pearls or semiprecious stones magnificent, fascinating and intricate designs, will not want to never take off more than this new good luck charm, it will bring a great deal of spirituality for your soul giving you peace with its relaxing tinkle. According to legend they can communicate your concerns and desires to your angel. It is definitely the perfect jewel to give to any girl who wants to attract looks and be in contact with her guardian angel. It can also be a beautiful detail for a pregnant woman, giving you all the protection you want for her and her baby.
Besides, you not only have to be satisfied with the bracelet, you can also use chokers, necklaces and earrings with the beautiful engraved sphere that will accompany you every day with its melodic music, with the possibility to customize them to your liking when making your order , Or with an engraving of initials, names or adapting them in size if you want your baby also be shielded behind an angel wings, in a different palette of colors, with which you can communicate different messages and energies.
Another piece that will make you look youthful, full of tenderness and you can keep it close to your heart are the silver medallitas engraved with adorable figures as a guardian angel, simple and combinable, are ideal for day to day or hanging on a bracelet Cultured pearls or large , bright natural stones that come in a great diversity of colors.

Elegance and Subtlety

One thing that nobody can deny is that the combination of pearls and silver is a fabulous classic of fashion, brings the minimalist and elegant touches that your outfit needs, such as these original leather bracelets with pearls and silver details, which you can get in various Colors and in two versions that vary by the number of beads, one that has six beads distributed in the set of leather threads or another one of a single protagónica that hangs from your wrist. This bracelet besides giving you the delicacy you are looking for will give you a bold and fun touch, you will never want to take it off again.
Also, pearls and silver are ideal for combining with other delicate materials such as silk, as you can see in this bracelet from the Cuchicuchi Pearl collection, with a cord of golden silk knotted and the small pieces bathed in silver is the Comfortable, fine and lively definition.
In addition, you can simply combine it with sober earrings like these with silver stars and cultured pearls that give off distinction.
Another way to achieve the minimal character of this year, is with this bracelet of shiny silver beads with a centric sphere covered with crystals Paris model strass,which you can combine with matching ring and pearls to shine like a star.
On the other hand, you can opt for a delicate ring made entirely in 925 silver with a cross as the perfect pair of this piece.

Jovial and Dynamic

Of course, this 2017 begins with a lot of goals and endeavors, so every girl with craving for success needs to arm themselves with energy and vitality, both inside and out, so it is essential that you add color and joy to your clothes with Your spring accessories such as these striking multicolored bracelets decorated with silver plated appliques and jute cords from the Cuchicuchi Mallorca collection, highlighting with its natural and summery look will make you look ready for action.
You can also combine it with rolled leather rings , choosing between one with an imposing square piece of silver or a more dazzling option with a Swarowski crystal as center, both available in vivid colors like aquamarine and fuchsia.

Bold and Adventurous

Speaking of action, no one is ready for the dynamism of the new year without a bracelet of silver amulets that bounces hippie vibes, following the trend above are made of fine braided leather we show you two alternatives: one of night motifs of stars and owls , another Of key and lock with arabesques, both able to give you an air of adventurous something wild without losing the style casual and comfortable.
Also, you can find other jewels with which you can complement your daring look, such as a choker also made of braided leather including gleaming silver pieces and a pearl, or venture with these splendid earrings in the form of silver-fanged tusks with which no You will go unnoticed.

Custom and unique

On the other hand, it is necessary to emphasize the importance of possessing an irreplaceable jewel, a bracelet that is designed for you, belongs to you and you feel identified with its details and arts. It is a unique feeling that every woman treasures in her jeweler for the rest of her life, that is why more and more people are looking to get these handmade and custom made silver jewelry and tastes, in versatile materials, so that they can impregnate style and Highlight their personality, combining them with what they are going to wear.
The wonderful thing about all this is that you can write, draw, create in them, loading them with meaning. These alternatives Cuchicuchi offers you, allows you to customize your orders, from a large color palette to the size of the piece to fit your size, giving you the possibility to include engravings such as names, phrases or even selected images or Created by you, makes each piece unrepeatable, perfect for you or to make a spectacular and significant gift to your family, friends or partner.
Only when you see this copy of Cuchicuchi you will be captivated, a bracelet made with a silver medal with the silhouettes of two hearts , tied to a comfortable adjustable cord, available in fuchsia, ideal for two lovers who want to teach the world a symbol of their love , Offers the possibility of adding the names of the bride and groom engraved next to each heart.
In short, the silver bracelets, in all their ranges and presentations, are a jewel that you will not regret buying, will accompany you forever and still shine like the first day, combining perfectly with all the different outfits and styles you want to try. And you, what do you hope to get this new gem as a lucky charm for 2017?