Show Who You Follow on Google+

The secret of who is in your circles Google + over. This is so you want to, of course: Google now offers a tool in the style of Follow Friday, one Twitterer custom recommend users that no one will bother to start following.

To share one of your circles with other users of the new social network Google just go on the page of the Circles. Choose the one you want both recommend in your timeline Google+, and then “Share this circle.” As with any update on the fledgling social network, the user must put a brief description or comment about what you are writing, and then press the “Share” without mercy.
The privacy of users is safeguarded thanks to a lot of care that the Google+ team took the time to implement the feature. Circle name – of shame in others’ Google accounts, I’m sure – is never shared, for example. And if the user makes changes in the circle, these changes do not appear on recommendations already made.
Short enough: when selecting the sharing of a circle within the Plus, you actually will be sharing and endorsing what people say you put that circle.
When a circle appears in the timeline of other Internet users after a share of this type, it is up to the users to define who they want (or not follow). In this respect, it works quite differently from the lists present in Twitter, which allow you to track updates to several people.