Shorts Saia Jeans Plus Size

This post is dedicated to the readers who complain that there’s only “well-behaved and long” for large women. The shorts plus size denim skirt I’m wearing is short, let toooda the leg to the shows and is the face of the summer. I enjoyed the piece even more because she’s cool, with torn and shredded bar details. Shorts skirt is sooo love because you don’t need to be worrying about “periquitation” and is super comfortable because we run the risk of not paying “panties”, then you have the grace of the skirt with the comfort of shorts. This model is of Cambos, I found on Liló Plus Size Fashion. He has a modeling a little smaller, so if you buy, choose a number that is greater than what you normally use.

For those who do not think I have cellulite on the legs, of course I do, people! Here in these pictures you can see better. In fact I don’t have but I have sooooo many mainly on the inner thigh, but in time to shoot my mother always “drives” not to be too much, so she says the light, shadow, angles and poses, but here you can see my holes Yes and don’t bother much with that. Until lean have cellulite, imagine me, fat! I’m not ashamed to let my legs on display: no step more discomfort or heat with fear of what others might think and if you have this fear, if you release it, seriously!
I chose this because I love the blouse polka dot print, but also because she is very compridinha and I have a lot of difficulty of finding long blouses because my trunk is high. One thing that I found interesting: you can use it with that neckline in front or back. I preferred to use the more open side forward, but if you look on the website of Liló Fashion, the model uses the most closed in front, so versatility is always great! The fabric of her is pretty good and light, perfect for the summer. She can win both a casual look, as I’m using here, as a more classic style if you combine it with a piece of tailoring, for example. As the plus size denim shorts is short, I chose to wear it with a more discreet top because that’s my style, but you combine as you wish!
I love Navy Blue with red, so I made a combination well hottie for the day to day, this look is casual and I used to hit his leg with his family over the weekend, so you can see that I wasn’t even produced and maquiadona … hehehehe. I loved this outfit too! I was missing comfortable clothes and fresh for the summer, so this combination cheered me up quite a bit! And then, what do you think? I await your comments! Kisses!