Shoes Tips and Tricks

Today it is time again to tips and tricks around our favorite theme-shoes! Just recently, we’ve answered the eight most important questions about comfortable wear, but of course there are a lot more hacks that will make your life easier.
If you have not yet discovered the first part, please check here. And if you are already familiar with these tips, then these helpful tricks surely also interest you

1. Slippery Sole

Who does not know it? Whether in the favorite cafe or in the office, smooth floors meet us every day. If we wear soles without a profile, the risk of slipping is particularly great. In order not to have to go in a snail’s temptation, you can simply take a generous piece of sandpaper and work with the sole of your shoes. This roughens the smooth surface and gives you more friction while walking.

2. Shoe Shopping Better In The Evening

Perhaps you have already noticed that your shoes are tighter in the evening than in the morning?This is because during the day more fluid collects in our feet and legs, causing them to swell. So try the shoes later in the day and they fit you perfectly, you can be sure that they fit in the morning as well. This is not always the case.

3. Impregnate Shoes

This is of course not an insider tip, but shoes should always be impregnated before the first wearing. To make fabric shoes as good as waterproof, you can get a piece of bee wax and rub the whole shoe. In between, the wax can also be heated with a foehn so that it can be distributed more easily. This keeps your feet dry in cloth shoes.

4. Do Not Allow Pants To Slip Out Of Your Boots

Especially in the winter this problem occurs more frequently. The trousers legs are stuck in the boots, but they always slip upwards when walking, resulting in unsightly folds. To do this you can try this trick: There are so-called glove clips, which are used especially for small children, so they can not lose their gloves. Here, two clips are connected with an elastic band and can be clipped to the trousers on both sides of the foot in order to fix them. You will never slip back from the boot again.

5. Stains On Suede

Stains on suede or suede can be removed badly with water, since the stain is usually only worse. Using a nail file, you can carefully remove stains and scratches in the sensitive material, or use the talc (do not confuse it with sebum ), which pulls the stain out of the leather and has only to be removed with a brush.

6. Stow Away Shoes

So that the boots can not be folded, you can easily insert a wine bottle or other thin bottle.
To save space, you can put a large picture frame under the bed on which you place your shoes.This can then be withdrawn at any time.
Open shoes, such as token or sandals, can be hung on clothes hangers and thus be stored very easily in the wardrobe or on the wardrobe. This saves a lot of space on the floor and there is more room for other shoes in the shoe cabinet.
There are certainly some gimmicks that you certainly did not know yet. With these shoe hacks and our part 1 you are at least well equipped for all kinds of shoe problems and can also compete with your knowledge at the next party.