Shoes Spring Summer 2014

There are simple things of which we women would never know without. Type I do not know,strawberries with cream, even when we are on a diet, the romantic movies, the shopping, replicas of MasterChef, the gossip with her ​​friends… And the shoes. Obviously in tandem with the bags. That shoes and more like stock exchanges. But that is not me I’m making: there are elite of scientific studies that have shown how these two types of accessories are capable of making us go into raptures even if we already have the full house and in a while we will be forced to tear down a wall and enlarge the closet to make them fit all.

Wise says: “No matter how many shoes and bags you have.They will never be enough.”
And the wise man is never wrong. Take your shoes. Hands up those of you, passing in front of a window, he is able to resist and move on ignoring an expanse of stiletto / sandals / boots or whatever you can to put the foot , excluding the slippers. At a minimum revenue. As the maximum output out with a couple of pump ultrafighe that surely never will put because the glittery python does not match with nothing of what you have in the closet, but you want to put them in the shoes?!? Or how many shoes you have (we) we bought the wave of enthusiasm only to find out that season unfashionable? Peccatucci venial by shopping lovers.
So, if at the shoe shopping virus has not yet found an antidote, at least solve the second problem, that of the trends this spring and summer . So the next purchase will go without fail!
Among the key elements when it comes to shoes for next season, we definitely the decorations with stones, the price lists , also for leather and suede sandals, special design, a bit ‘of total white and attention.. .the return dela tip!
Here are some of the models must-have for spring summer 2014:
Ah yes, sorry. There would also be the trend of slippers. The quote for the record – I personally do not love them – but be aware that this year should be much even these. Make yourself a hand on your heart ….
Source images: the various sites of the listed brands.
The next trend!