Shoes for Pregnant Women

When a woman is pregnant she can not think only of the beauty of the shoes, she must include the item security in time of choice

Footwear is an item that deserves full attention during pregnancy. In addition to the comfort category, we need to consider the safety of models.

Shoes for Pregnant Women
Use a shoe inappropriate may cause serious accidents. That’s because during pregnancy the woman is with a weight far greater than is used, leaving the slower, with less balance. That slip soles and heels that can cause falls or twists must be stored at the bottom of the closet until the end of pregnancy.
The most suitable models are those with rubber sole and low heel or a little jump, two or five centimetres tall, such as shoes from bestaah.
Speaking of comfort, we must remember that during pregnancy women suffer with the liquid channel linings and Weirs and with the enlargement of the joints, leaving your feet more swollen. During this period the number of footwear can increase considerably. So, don’t be surprised if your old shoe don’t get into your foot.
In the day-to-day give priority to comfortable shoes, wider and you don’t tighten the feet. Sneakers, flats, sandals, sneakers and low heel boots are well suitable. On occasions that require social models, choose shoes that are well attached to the foot and have low heel and wide, because they give more security to the floor.