Shoei New Helmets

How many times your he will have “forced” a long and tiring outing in motion? You can admit it, here you are among friends, safe from his reproachful looks.How many times have you thought innervosite to slip on a helmet that inevitably and mercilessly will eventually ruin your hair crease just made? And then the hot sfiaccante who feels down there definitely becomes unbearable as you go along with the beautiful season and even more unbearable if you are not at all lovers of two wheels. Alas I have no solution for all this, but to offer you the chance to suffer as said with a helmet that is at least pretty and feminine. And ‘signed Shoei the latest idea dedicated to the centaurs in pink.
It is a helmet designed thinking of a female audience that combines the technical requirements necessary to our security -the helmet, wheel sports, in fact enables a high technological content and a great comfort- a more graceful look and say, delicate. The helmet lighting, which in the form it keeps ovviamentele spirited characteristics of the brand is, in its female version, made ​​of white and beige with a few black splash here and there. The traits graphics bring the sides together a pretty butterfly ready to take flight on your own head. The helmet, whose price is around 570 Euros is called “flutter” and is part of the series “XR-1000” for sale only in the stores of the brand.
As I said, it will not alleviate any of the penis caused by “romantic getaways in motion” but at least it will make you feel as light as a butterfly.