Set Copyright Levies For Smartphones And Tablets

New rates will apply for mobile device manufacturers for copyright levies: 6.25 euros per Smartphone and 8.75 Euro per tablet. It agreed the BITKOM and the collecting societies.
Manufacturers and importers must henceforth for each Smartphone 6.25 euros and pay for each tablet 8.75 euro on copyright levies. The IT
industry association BITKOM with the relevant collecting societies has agreed on these amounts, said. The contracts accordingly retroactively for mobile phones from 2008, for tablets from 2012 and discounts on rates for both types of devices run until 2018 there for the past few years and commercial devices. That means for the recyclers from 2015 around 170 million euros per year, estimates of BITKOM.
The duty to pay tax on the legal copying of copyrighted content – such as music or photos–for private use. In addition to the mobile devices, such packages are due to computers, copiers, printers, and storage media. They are pitched on the retail price, which the consumer for private copying indirectly asked to checkout. Collecting societies charge and throw it on the copyright.
Dispute over taxes
On the occasion of the agreement for cell phone, the BITKOM again criticized the system of levies as unfit for the digital world. Always come new devices on the market, where it must be clarified whether and how they could be used for private copying. At the same time, there is a trend to the streaming music and movies – here copies be omitted entirely. A thrust of BITKOM against the current system of lump-sum payments was criticized last week of German magazine publishers (VDZ) and the VG Word by the Association.