Sensual Jewellery Career y Career

The style of Career y Career inimitably transported the Spanish heat. Here: The model of gardenias.
Not only the Spanish Royal family knows that the power of a piece of jewellery Career Y Career symbolizes the temperament of the wearer. Privateers and museums collect both the products of the jewellery company, which has its own distinct style despite their elderly age of 128, which could be hardly vital.
Founded in 1885 by the sculptor Manuel Career in Madrid, the factory focused early on exquisite miniatures. Sensual romantic, even the supposedly innocent flower fabric inspired the ladies of high society, which quickly helped the handcrafted decorations to a respectable reputation.Unmistakably and yet again teen fresh, Career y Career has brought together more than eight thousand Unique alone in the hotel’s own collection.

Magnificent Jewels of Career y Career

The Fiery sensuality of Career y Career is appreciated all over the world. The delicate and at the same time magnificent jewels located in the possession of the Belgian Queen Fabiola or in various jewelry boxes by Hollywood stars such as Jennifer Lopez and Olivia Palermo – currently the official face of the brand. You have made several times on the red carpet sparkle Career y Career with sustained success. Favorite motive of great stars seems to be the Tiger.

The Spanish Royal Family Jeweller

According to 3rjewelry, the jewellery brand with the catchy name has taken over the market leadership in Spain since the 1990s, and now operates with 12 own boutiques and 300 sales points internationally. Career y Career is active in over 40 countries and has among other things stores in Moscow, Dubai, Tokyo, USA, and Estuary mud. Now only brand which officially equips the Spanish Royal family, the company also on some other noble order – produced for of beers.

The Secret of Career y Career

The secret of Career y Career is the thoroughly modern-oriented jewelry company losing the in-house tradition not out of sight. The precious products are always characterized by a Designmischung of nature, architecture and history. In the Oriental style, finely worked out patterns, and arabesques join dynamic representations of noble beauty, you could explore it on a Spanish patio in the afternoon sun. Gentle woman hands carry this brilliant diamonds, with golden Angel nestled in their shiny wings, peacock feathers, diamonds, amethysts and emeralds exude timeless glamour.

Market Leadership in Spain

Similar fare includes the line “Velasquez”, after the famous Baroque artist Diego Velasquez named, provides historical references to the Spanish past. Graceful and elegant must thereby not shy- but also playful Baroque and especially opulent. The Spanish Queen Isabel, which inspired even Lion Feuchtwanger to his famous novel “The Spanish ballad”, is named after of a bridal collection. “Arena”, the name of a further collection, however, is the round sand area, where the archaic cruel bullfights take place. Last new yellow, white and Rose gold engagement rings were presented, which complement the collection “Arena”: Career y Career has not only to offer unbridled passion, but also humor.