Selvedge Raw Denim Jeans

Presentation of the raw denim Selvedge presented by the brand Good hangover that has the particularity of having a canvas Japanese weight 13 oz, straight imported from the country to the rising sun and designed in a workshop at the Portugal.

A traditional Japanese quality canvas

One of the features of this painting is that it is rough material initially, and then to adapt to any silhouette, man Selvedge denim relaxes over
time, while maintaining its quality of the early days. Clearly he “becomes” tailor-made by adapting to your body! In addition to this premium quality, this unique canvas will reveal progressively sumptuous reflections to the wonderful colors turquoise and indigo. In short it is an alive John.

A trend for a sublimated silhouette Cup

That jean clothing high range has a semi slim cut, IE a straight cut cut size and thighs, level adjusting more Slinky way coming down from the bottom of the legs to the ankles, allowing the figure to be significantly lengthened.

Know how to choose the right size of jeans

In order to choose the ideal of your jean size good hangover Selvedge, it is advisable to take a slinky size marrying well forms of buttocks, without feeling too tight, the material of the jeans is relaxing from the first moments on which denim is entered, and then also over time.

A matter of quality and resistant

In addition to a material that grows with time, the inside of the back pockets are also doubled, preventing a rapid wear of the John in addition be equipped with Pocket bags made of material grown cotton for comfortable when wearing these jeans.

Stylized for a crazy effect details

The present details on the selvedge jeans are distinguished by its seams in chainstitch, as well as its breakpoints reinforced for strength optimized this John, who boasts functional pockets allowing comfort of valuable storage.

Maintenance and wash of the jeans to the Japanese canvas

For effective washing without risk of damaging the jeans, it is advisable to avoid washing machine that has too high temperature. Prefer a wash by hand which will respect the tissue.
Another tip, allow to air these jeans fresh air a few hours, in order to revive freshness.
Finally, in the case of stains, no panic, a cloth and water without rubbing abruptly will remove all unsightly stains.