Sell Fake Bag on the Internet – Punishable?

What’s the topic sell fake bag on the Internet , many users are concerned and it’s time to bring a little light into the darkness.

Fake bag on the Internet sell – an insight

It’s really interesting to see what statements some people get carried away and can, if they believe to be in the right. To do this, a small story.

“If…, then that’s allowed!”

Saturday afternoon somewhere in Germany. It rings at the front door. After the noise of the intercom by the WHIR of the automatic door opener was relieved it’s finally. After 2 weeks of Abszinenz, Frans is back again from the Turkey holiday. Tanned and in a good mood he sneaks courageous step directly into the domestic living room. Ratchet… Clack… Klack…wird of the Reisetrolly on the new Cabinet along ground. With large drums and trumpets is full-bodied announced: ‘Hömmah… The uncle has brought what.” The tension rises in the immense and accompanied by a quiet click, he slowly opens his trolly. “Light on – friends of long drinks!” It is so far. He smiles and pulls 2 very well known luxury bags, to day light. “Ye not how cheap you are over there.” With sparkling eyes takes Maria of one of the two gifts to the breast and bends around it. “Yes, I know these are fakes but they look quite ok, or?” noticed Frans. Maria huge appreciates your new bag. 2 months later is the Pocket between her other hand bags and has become uninteresting.
Because she want to fly shortly in the holidays saves diligently and thinking about how she can get to the next €100 on it. Phone with your girlfriend as they this brings them on the idea. “Man Mary, if you need money, then sell some old stuff on the Internet. I do that anyway so. ´’ Quickly, she takes a look at which was given received bag from Uncle Frans and thinks to himself. “Well, I wear that again, then I sell them the best on the net.” She logs on in a few Facebook groups on the subject of handbags and finds “for sale” thanks to the function instantaneously numerous offers like WWW as defined on answerresume. Also on other portals where used items are sold, she sees your chance. Suddenly, she wonders whether it is even allowed to sell this bag and writes a few sellers. After a few minutes, she receives the first answers. Here an overview. The first answer is:”Selling the bag simply, can do so as if you even don’t know that it’s a fake.” The answer don’t like Maria and clicking on the next response message. “When you directly, that it is not original, but a fake bag, then you’re honest and it’s allowed.” Then scroll through the offers Maria and discovered including many very cheap handbags which expressly stated, that it’s fake brand bags (plagiarism / dupes). “Mhmm, seems Yes course and were to be… If everyone here does it, then I do it as well and write directly to that she is a fake bag.”
And now for the master question
“It is allowed or is it punishable, if you sold one such pocket and readable specifies it as previously described?”
We look at but the remainder. Maria takes a few pictures of your bag and set it with the previously formulated description as a post for sale. Bling… Bling… Hits! Not even a minute later, she gets even the first request. You read: “ey is going to bag… “What end price?” Maria touches on the head and deletes the message. Zack is the next request. One click later reads: “I have interest in your pocket, I should transfer through PayPal?” Maria is happy and is just your data over. When she sees that the money is later entered a few minutes, takes her bag packed well to the post and sends it to the specified address. 3 days later she looks in your mail box and discovered a small, delicate letter. You open it and read the first sentences you is quite dull in the stomach…
What happened?
With the letter is a warning of a trademark attorney in the amount of € 2,000. In addition, the manufacturer explains introduction of further steps. Immediately call your best friend Maria and explained with tears in his eyes, what happened. It responds very clearly: “what??” You have entered too, that the bag is a plagiarism??? “How stupid can you be??” Now the tears in the eyes shoot Maria right and sets shocked. Big brand manufacturers are brand advocates “new second-hand sales-way” for some time very intensively after illegal activities to crawl.
Plain text:
If you would like to sell a branded bag and are not sure whether it’s an original or you even know that it is a fake bag, then let it be dear! If still someone sold a plagiarism and also helping writes that it is the counterfeit of a brand bag, speaking privately not only intentional but… Well…
Who nevertheless for beautiful handbags are interested in throwing himself a look at these pockets here.
If you don’t want that your loved ones make a mistake, then divides to enlighten this post to you that ignorance does not protect against punishment.