SEGA Arrives at The Android Market with FALLEN REALMS

SEGA has finally decided to bring to the West their games for Android. Although it is not bringing the expected Sonic 4 that many they were waiting for, have decided to jump into the world of Android with a retro cut game. In particular is FALLEN REALMS, which is still in beta and you can give some bugs, but the game can be downloaded from anywhere in the world and is completely free.
The game is a mix of the social games with time management that both are succeeding in these days together with elements of Classic RPG and search in dungeons, with a very simple mixture but no less effective. At the beginning the game will have us to register in the social network games Papaya to the purest OpenFenit style, but is an account that is created in a matter of thirty seconds and can immediately play.
The mechanics of the game is very simple: a group of three characters, in which one of them is you, choosing between four different classes, and the other two may be or mercenaries of low skill or two friends of the network, which always will be more effective than the characters that are attached automatically. To advance in the game we will have to overcome the various missions that are based on exploring a Dungeon.
The dungeons can be advanced using points of value, which are recovered over time, and if we move forward we can come up with monsters, traps and treasures. The procedure is typical of a social game in which friends are needed to move forward, but only 21MB needed weight and simplicity and good finish of the game make it an option to take into account for those who want a game to pass the time without too many headaches