Secur Waterproof Solar/Dynamo LED Flashlight

The Flashlight Dynamo and Solar, Solar Flashlight is a robust and waterproof lamp that can be submerged up to 5 m in water. Totally autonomous, you can recharge your torch by the solar panel, and in case of insufficient solar gain or intensive use by the dynamo. These three LEDs assuront you a real good solar lighting power 1W LED. The integrated solar panel on the lamp collects energy from the sun the day, stores it in the built-in battery to power 3 LED solar torch and dynamo as needed. If sunlight or intensive use failure, few minutes dynamo will recharge the battery for immediate use.
Ideal in the car, at home, camping, for the standalone solar lighting dynamo relief in all circumstances.

Autonomy / Charging Time

-Depending on the mode of lighting, 1 mn of recharging dynamo offers between 20 and 60 minutes autonomous lighting.
-Usage time after a full charge Between 4 and 6 pm around 30 solar lighting
-Charging time via the solar panel around 8 H

Technical characteristics

-Life LEDs: 50 000 hours
-Water resistant up to 5 meters deep.
-Led 1W = 250,000 mcd, number of LEDs 3
-3 lighting modes: Economy 1 led, powerful 3 Flashing lEDs or 3 lEDs
-NI-MH battery / 80 mAh / 3.6 V rechargeable
-Anti shock coating
-Waterproof and floating
-Certified CE, Rohs


-Dimensions: 14.5 x 6 cm
-Weight 175 grams
-1 year warranty excluding batteries


Place your Solar Light and Dynamo Torch in a sunny spot at least well lit your lamp charge solar energy by its integrated battery panel in its day, and you can use as needed. In case of lack of sunlight or intensive use, a few minutes dynamo will recharge the battery for immediate standalone lighting, depending on the lighting chosen.

The notice of Solar Subject

Lamp solar and dynamo mini torches, solar flashlight completely autonomous, waterproof, good intensity solar lighting, with convenient recharging the dynamo. Also useful at home emergency lighting, camping, hiking or in the car!