Second Attempt with Windows

Motorola has firmly screwed on his little successful MPx200. As a mega pixel camera, Bluetooth, and more battery power into the new Windows phone.
The predecessor MPx200 has the current version of the operating system requires the MPx220. So was the “Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition” next to Bluetooth the MMS function is tightly integrated into the offer. So far the news standard had to used it by the mobile phone manufacturer itself a process that brought no satisfactory results.
Overall, Motorola is a contemporary painting the MPx220. You’ll learn what particularly liked us in the new cooperation with Microsoft and where we see a need for improvements, on the following pages.

Multimedia And Telephone: Wise Added

The MPx220 completes its range of entertainment with mega pixel photos.Useful phone features therefore but by no means to be neglected.
Camera and Media Player
The built-in camera was saved for the MPx200, a megapixel lens in the outside cover is now sitting in the MPx220. The trigger works quickly, to be stored in the photo album, the mobile needs however, nearly four seconds.
The 1,280 x 960 pixel big shots are so out of focus how many megapixel phones. Also the camera light brings light even in close-ups only passably in the dark.Impractical: the MPx220 it activates only LED when triggered.
The range of available settings is solid, it includes white balance and continuous shooting. The photos can be edited later. The camcorder will record movies with maximum 176 x 144 pixels.
Windows Media Player provides for more Kurzweil. In addition to videos (MPEG4, 3GP) play MP3s and WMA songs. The sound through the included stereo headset properly via the handsfree, too quiet. Therefore they can be limited as ringing tones.
In addition, can you applications and games on the MPx220 download, Windows-Mobile-such as Java programs. The file manager helps manage. To store 30 MByte of 32 MByte were free during the test device (with its predecessor, there were only 11 MByte). Upgrade he can be mini-SD cards. A 32 MB card inside the package. That’s enough to get you started, music fans have to restock but.
Phone features
See the MPx220 fun and convenient phone functions. Voice and group functions, variable environment profiles, an extensive address book – Windows Smartphone here not too. Quad band technology, you can insert it even all over the world.

PDA Features: Faster Data Synchronization

The PC synchronization ActiveSync done easily and quickly. Thus, Windows phones inspire us again and again. With the MPx220 it took 30 seconds just to almost 1,000 contacts using the enclosed USB cable to the device landed.
PDA functions
Also the matching of dates, tasks and E-mail worked just fine in the test. However, the MPx220 does not support notes. The MPx220 offers the known from the PC Outlook in miniature. With MSN Instant Messenger, voice recorder, calculator, there’s a solid Organizer offer. Who turns the MPx220, should know however that the alarm clock does not work then. You must still create Office programs such as Word or Excel.
Data functions
Data can be transferred in contrast to the MPx200 now also via Bluetooth. With other devices, infrared and the supplied USB cable to continue to facilitate the Exchange. The MPx220 can also handle E-mail. You can manage five accounts, with its predecessor, it was only one. A VPN connection can also be arranged for secure access to company data. Other features: modem function and a Pocket Explorer to visit on the Internet.

Practice: Narrow Indoor Display, More Stamina

Visually, the MPx220 differs significantly from its predecessor. It is longer, slimmer and the external screen got color. The battery not more so quickly makes Tuckered on the reissue.
Facts & figures
115 grams, 100 x 48,5 x 24 mm – the MPx220 is by no means a lightweight mini sleeve, it works for a Smartphone but compact.Inside you’ll find a bright, high-contrast display (176 x 220 pixels).On surface, it offers 32 x 40 mm – too little with enough room there. Even the MPx200 offers 35 x 44 mm.
The battery designed for this. In the test the MPx220 held out a continuous talk 3:06 hours, strongest power, well an hour longer than the MPx200 (2:02 hours). Motorola is now almost twice as much stamina for standby time: 220 held 115 hours.
The MPx220 is a chic and solid impression. However, the battery of our test device partly on low pressure is opened. The keyboard does not give rise to criticism. It is spacious, digits – and Navitasten react fast. The tapping works well. Who must provide data on the road more frequently, is a touch screen or a typewriter keyboard Miss however – a compromise which must be, anyone looking for a compact PDA phone.
Windows as well as experienced deal sure quickly with the MPx220. Much is reminiscent of the PC system. While the long menu of Microsoft works but not very clearly, even with four display sides extends the main menu. But even newcomers have accustomed themselves soon. The most effective control via keypad. Functions and option list are clearly numbered. To the MPx220 allows abbreviations. So some can be straight from the home out reach, user-defined short – and language options – a real plus.
The software could run as threesome when many of our competitors. The test model is partly slow, took 45 seconds time about when you start. There were no crashes but.
The MPx220 is not very natural sound in the test, the caller was good to understand.On the other side, we were satisfied. The mobile phone users something quietly arrived via the handsfree. In addition, many drop-outs at the intercom disrupted us.

Conclusion: On Front Man

The revision was well worth it. Motorola’s consistent upgrading of the MPx200 is the MPx220 to the attractive PDA phone in the compact class.
That stacked up Offering mega pixel camera, Bluetooth and more memory pays off. Has especially also plenty to offer the Windows phone in, it shines with PC connectivity andOutlook synchronization. Compared to its predecessor, the more powerful Battery brings advantages to the MPx220.
The operation although not quite so convincing is to. So lacking in some places to overview, the structure could be somewhat firmer. Mobile phone and news features are still overall well integrated in the current version of Windows Mobile 2003. Also new to Microsoft deal after a certain adaptation.
The software worked with our test-MPx220 like when many of our competitors, partly something slow, but stable. That Indoor display would we have liked greater something even for a compact PDA phone. So Motorola could have out still more.
T-Mobile provides the SDA currently handiest Windows Smartphone.Who well do without a camera, get otherwise no less. Alternatively, there is also a version with VGA cam.