Seagull Watch Movements Review

For decades, it is a tractor of the Swiss watch industry-the ETA 2824-2. On the world’s came in 1973 as ETA 2824, the genes as far back in the manufacturer of Eterna 2824 based on their patents and prototypes. The similarity to previous generations such as the 2783 and many others is not to conceal, but the plant meets all the requirements of a rugged workhorse. The frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour makes the movement precision and insensitive, beginning 17 and later 25 jewels make for low wear. The effective lift about two TRS wheels is still group colleagues such as the ETA 2892-A2 in the shade. The less respectable appearance of the modular movement, is one of the downsides that as a derivative with hand-wound and in many variants with tag (2834 and 2836), as well as in the versions with 21,600 (2840, 2842, 2846, etc.) is to have more low-priced watches, as well as the Group’s own automatic swatch.

Made in China: Seagull and Hangzhou
Tianjin Seagull is one of the oldest Chinese watch factories – since 1955, the company builds works, watches and accessories. Numerous European label use works or complete watches in the context of private label agreements. The company is one of the supposedly best caliber available in China offers with the ST-2130. In comparison with the ETA 2824 the movement as the twin goes through-especially in the present versions. The original ETA movement exists for the photos in the full-cut variation Soigné, and Seagull also has not saved with cuts. The Perlierungen are set out on all bridges and clamp, the rotor wears Geneva stripes. Unlike other Chinese movements from the same House, the touches are real and not marked – a step forward compared to the existing “Shanghai welts”.
A second candidate, the People’s Republic of China sends the Hangzhou 6300 in the race. The manufacturer builds components, watches and works only since 1972.Our present test plant-a variant with the caliber number 6460 – is where the corresponding 2836-2 variant, instead of a day of the week display is the factory using a GMT function equipped on a separately adjustable hour hand. The movement is gold-plated and acts – compared with a base ETA original as a direct twin with only one difference: the hallmark of ETA under the balance wheel is missing.
Half price means even half performance?
Depending on the quantity, there is a price difference of more than two-thirds in favor of the works of Hangzhou and Seagull. The movements of the wholesale cost from $40, the decline from the factory should be cheaper. Original ETA movements cost significantly more than twice in purchasing after the recent price increases.After the entrance to the editorial works purchased through normal reference paths were visually examined, and a time scale measurement wound. The gang values – when all three candidates are a first surprise. High amplitude and low variations per day characterized not only the original, but also the replicas. The function of the Hangzhou seems slightly better than the Seagull 6300 slightly lower amplitudes, but fewer fluctuations in the individual positions speak for a good industrial processing of wheels and shoots as well as for the quality of the inhibition. Also the original ETA provides of course good speed with little fluctuation in the layers and stable amplitude. As usual all the works regulated on slight delay, which reduced even during the first few weeks after a run-in phase.
In all optical similarities, there must be differences between the works. The Chinese manufacturer, Hangzhou and Seagull keep covered when the technical specifications. Not the material of the balance of the springs or spirals could be determined. Already the inhibition section of the Seagull ST 2130 is significantly different in detail, an optical counterpart was used as a balance to the chronometer balance by ETA with straight legs, but with significantly taller frost. Less the chronometer standard corresponds to the shock protection (at ETA Incabloc), the Seagull the Etachocs system is modeled. Unlike at ETA, strengthening the shock spring is however much more difficult – just an opening allows the turning off of the spring triangle. The regulation will be – as well as carried out at ETA – about an eccentric screw on the regulator pointer. The spiral is listed on the spiral key and blocks (the limit) to the ETA movement analog and attached, the entire system with the regulating device is called the Swiss manufacturer Etachron. Rotor and automatic unit of 2130 can be easily removed, open views of the workings revealed burrs on the bridges and clamps, and tracks from the production to the wheels and shoots. The goodness of the cones is critical for a precise speed – the speed values according to the Chinese have done good work. View wheels subjected to visually better treatment point in the depths of the real ETA were – albeit with high magnification with a fully decorated ETA 2824-2 the edges rough hewn look.
The decorative touches on the surfaces of the rhodium-plated Seagull works are not particularly deep. When through the macro lens, the processing could be better here. Striking: the Guide pins, the for the use of bridges as orientation and fixation are used, are visible from the top at Seagull. In loss of Sperrrads over the barrel, the work of Seagull revealed a surprise: A camp rock here ensures smooth running of the Spring House. In the original work, a hard metal bearing is at this point, just dial the barrel in a Ruby is stored. The work achieve a even number of bushings – 26 in number. But more surprises are not missed the opportunity to improve, the traditional weaknesses have been copied as well. This includes the acting as the carrier latch can retain Crown which is elliptical mounted on the bridge material. With frequent hand-wound, this storage is subject to heavy wear. The TRS wheels of the automatic fall under this aspect – also here makes frequent hand-wound for failures.
All functions of the Seagull ST2130 switch is good, the seconds stop allows precise setting. Amazing and spicy: This plant fossil launched a few months ago a first collection of watches on the market – as Swiss made caliber. To the basic movement in Switzerland factory belonging to the fossil group receives STP new mainspring, Incabloc shock protection and balance spring. Then completes the metamorphosis of China for Swiss made. Also the plant manufacturer Valanvron proposes a this way – again the basis of Seagull is used.
A plant in the race, which can also be identified as direct twin of the ETA original goes with the Hangzhou 6300. The qualitative impression, form of the balance and many other details are here according to the base-2824-2. The impression leads us to an experiment that we repeat in the Seagull: we will exchange items between the different movements. And indeed: the balance or the second wheel, the individual parts are interchangeable between Hangzhou and ETA, the plant is running. The Seagull parts can be partially replaced, but not completely – wheels and pinions are bridges and cock not part compatible.
Also the calibre of 6300 has the additional camp stone in the Spring House bridge, which helps the plant to all 26 stones. The shock absorber is resorted to Etachocs–just as uncomfortable to disassemble as the Seagull ST 2130. Here is the original clearly at an advantage. In the ease of Hangzhou follows the standard-seconds stop and Datumsschnellverstellung are available. This work on the copy of the Etachron eccentric adjustment is regulated. Overall the plant has quality as the Seagull and most likely as a real 1:1-copy. Therefore there are also occasionally this work in counterfeit watches, equipped with the factory hallmark of ETA. In this case a counterfeiting-is from the patent-free plant in which clock.