Save Water in the Kitchen Tips

Use products such as aerator and pressure regulator to save water.
We selected some products that help save water in the kitchen. You want to know the best? Purchase here, and eat consciously, you also save money – since our prices are the lowest on the market!
Start with aerator, which is installed on tap and whose function is to mix air in the jet, to avoide the waste of water. A common tap uses from 14 to 25 liters per minute. The aerator can consume 6 to 10 liters in the same time. Later in the month, you’ll notice the difference in the water bill. You can use the piece taps and mixers and must choose between fixed or swivel models, version that allows the direction of water to different sides.
Flow regulators
The aerator is the flow regulator. Used in taps, these accessories decrease the flow of water, keeping, however, the output at a comfortable level for users. Installed between the tap and the connection of the walls, regulators guarantee savings up to 50% – compared to products that do not have the attachment. Find the parts you need here. Here, the models are available in chrome and metal plastic versions that allow flow of 8 or 14 liters per minute.
Tip: if you want to save water in the bathroom too, you can count on the throttle as it can be used in showers.
Tips on how to save water in the kitchen

  • Fill the water sink and let the dishes sauce before starting the washing of utensils. This initiative reduces the use of water for the task and eliminates the fat of the parts more easily;
  • Defrost food always in advance because if you only think about it when you cook them, you may need to leave them under the tap to unfreeze them-which will result in water waste;
  • Store food in the pans used for cooking and avoid the use of other pots – which also need to be washed afterwards;
  • Reuse water vegetables washing to clean the yard or give discharge; Use pots and other silicone products, as they are easily cleaned with a napkin.