Samsung's Path to the Throne on the Smartphone Market

Nokia and Sony Ericsson prevailed on the mobile market, until Apple and Samsung overtook from behind. Read the analyst explanation.
Samsung is now the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, but this did not come from one day to the next. Mobile Analyst Horace Dediu estimates that Samsung’s role as a supplier to Apple and their large production muscle has been crucial to the in a few years, could grow from 0 to 30 percent of smartphone market. It writes our site.
The mobile industry is an industry where there is tremendous development and there have been major upheavals for computer and phone manufacturers in recent years.
Earlier people bought laptops, but now the smartphones and tablets that are sold in a big way. The previous major manufacturers has also been overtaken by companies like Apple and Samsung.
-“Apple came and kicked down the door and marched in with a phone that was designed as a computer. They saw what would be possible a step further forward, while others felt that it was impossible due to poor battery life and much else, “explained Horace Dediu, during his presentation on Goto-Conference in Aarhus.
Horace believes that Samsung has benefited from being a supplier to Apple. There they got for a lot of insight into what Apple’s expectations about the sale was therefore could Samsung see that there was a growing market + the with own production of everything from memory, processors, etc. were moving past all competitors.