Samsung Will Embrace The 4:3 Tablets with The Galaxy Tab 2 S

After go to know how many years insisting in format 16:10, the year in which Google insists on a more square format in the tablet with its 9 Nexus is the definitive to give reason to this format. Or at least that’s what they think from Samsung for the second generation of its Galaxy Tab S.
According to throwing SamMobile, and if these are true, the Galaxy Tab 2 S they come in sizes 8 and 9.7 inches, with ratio of 4:3 screen. Back would be more long diagonals (8.4 and 10.5 were inches from the first edition) to compensate the elongated format that is used for.
And am having to say it, but if true, the Koreans would be giving the reason Apple, tracing their ratios of screen sizes and resolutions. And there would be no drama. Would have, that Yes, benefits and damages with this format. And it is that we would win air in the general use of applications, at the expense of losing space in the display of multimedia content, usually wider.
Goodbye to the format 16:10, 8.4 and 10.5 inches and WQHD resolution
The panels would be Amoled technology, where we have already seen strong Samsung with the current generation of tablets. These would be in resolution 1,536 x 2,048 points, so it would lower total resolution significantly (around 25%).
According to sources that cite the Dutch, the Galaxy Tab’s 2 repeat the chipset that we see in the editing with Exynos of Note 4, with the 5433. Spoken, that Yes, a possible improvement to the chip that is expected for the Galaxy S6, 7420, I would give life to Android 5.0.2 and their support for the 64-bit.
3 GB of RAM and 32 GB base memory (expandable up to 128 GB via microSD), would complete the technical section. Its main camera would be at 8 megapixels. Not missing the version with connectivity for LTE, bypassing also Qualcomm here (which is unusual in the manufacturer).

Slimming, which is gerund

Of course this small drop in resolution, as well as the possibility of including a less glutton processor (Exynos 7420 is expected it) or improvement in the Amoled with which Samsung hits each semester, allow a more reduced battery consumption.
This per is does not involve one greater autonomy, but that Samsung would use it to lose weight – even more – their devices. Nothing less than 5.4 mm thick for this generation in both models, or what is the same, 1.2 mm thinner than the first generation.
Thickness5.4 mm7.5 mm5.4 mm6.1 mm

Galaxy Tab 2 8.0 S iPad mini 3 Galaxy Tab 2 9.7 S iPad Air 2
Size 198.2 x 134.5 m 134,7 x 200 mm 237.1 x 168.8 mm 240 x 169.5 mm
Weight 260 grams 331 grams 407 grams 437 grams

Of course here we would be losing in sizes of battery, which would come in capacities of 3.580 and 5,870 mAh, allowing get the masses up to 260 and 407 grams. You would see them in hand but they paint amazing profile and lightness.
It insists the new trend within Samsung, then refers to a framework of metal for this new generation, as already we see in some of their devices from the Galaxy Alpha.