Samsung: Three New Tablets on the Road

Samsung has really put the spotlight on the tablet in 2014: four are presented-three more on the way.
Samsung has so focused on tablet products in 2014. Four new products from 8 to 12 inches, were presented a week inside in the new year. But it is apparently not enough!
Samsung might launch more tablets, if we are to believe the news page SamMobile, which follows the GOK producer closely, and usually hits the spot in their predictions.
The latest news is intercepted through the Indian shipping site Zauba and Bluetooth SIG, which recounts three new tablets from Samsung with model numbers: SM-T530, SM-T535 and SM-T531. According to Zauba should there be two tablets on 8 inch and a 10-inch.
We don’t know much more, but SamMobile wonder that SM-T530 and SM-T535 are variants with Super AMOLED screens, of the previously presented Galaxy Tab PRO 8.4 tablets, while the SM-T531 very well could be a 10 inch variant with the Super AMOLED.