Samsung Smartwatch Galaxy Gear 1

The Update That Samsung has Released for the first Generation Galaxy Gear is a Complete Disaster

Samsung and this takes some time in the smartwatch market and wearables devices, and the proof is irrefutable that dominates 78% of the current industry. So far, we have seen how l to 3 devices company has released to the market: the Galaxy Gear 1 and 2 on the Gear Fit. The first two would come more in the classification of smart watch, while the latter would be placed in the category of sports bracelet.

With this some experience one would think that Samsung is already a student outdone in this of the wearables devices, but their latest move just proved that they still have much to learn (and improve). Apparently, the company has released an update for all first-generation Galaxy Gear smartwatch with camera and the results have been disastrous at least.
The latest update of Samsung allows all its first generation smartwatch to pass its new platform Tizen, which becomes a completely new operating system designed from scratch by the company. The transition between the old and the new OS is radical, so users are recommended to update their devices with care because any slightest mistake could leave even unusable.
Leaving aside the risk involved already completely change the operating system of a device, apparently all users who have upgraded to Tizen through Kies, a program of Samsung for computers that manages software updates, they have lost all data were stored on the Galaxy Gear.

Samsung update through Kies causes users to lose all data stored on the Galaxy Gear

We do not know if they were already aware that this serious failure could occur in Samsung, but from the company and be notified before installing the update via Kies that perform a backup of all the data we have stored on the Galaxy Gear.By of course, this does not justify much less this irretrievable data loss.
However, problems do not seem to end there, but some users have also reported that after the update and the corresponding timing smartphone Galaxy Gear with some of the same brand, some third party applications have stopped working. It seems that Samsung expect a hard work ahead to try to solve all these serious problems.