Samsung Opens 60 Shops in Europe

Tech-giant has signed an agreement with major retail, about to open 60 dedicated Samsung stores in Europe over the next 3 months.
When you buy a product, so one gets as a general rule, always the best customer experience in dedicated stores, to the mærekevarer to act. With mobile manufacturers sold the units often with telcos, and particularly in Europe, there are few and far between manufacturers ‘ dedicated stores.
Apple makes it already
However, we also see that the dedicated shops will be integrated into other businesses, because customer flow is simply not big enough to drive a separate store.
To take one example, so are there many Danish Fona stores, which houses separate Apple stores.
The same actions using Samsung, who has just entered into an agreement with Carphone Warehouse about 60 new stores around Europe. It writes our site.
The Agreement stems from great success with 3 similar Samsung-shops in Spain, who daily operated by Carphone Warehouse. The 60 new will over the next 3 months be opened across 7 European markets: England, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Sweden and the Netherlands.
The stores will be beautiful and carried out, and of course she sell Samsung mobile range of mobiles, tablets, laptops and “wearables”.
“We are pleased to be Samsung’s favorite European partner for their store-rollout. Our Connected World Services company will combine the Carphone Warehouse distribution expertise and systems with one of the world’s largest brands, and will help us to make life easier for others through associated technology “says Andrew Harrison, Chief Executive Officer of Carphone Warehouse.
Although the agreement does not put Samsung stores to the Danes, so it cannot be ruled out in the future.
“There is potential to develop the relationship, when Carphone Warehouse acts as Samsung’s preferred partner in the whole of Europe and operates the majority of the dedicated Samsung shops”, it is clear from the press release.