Samsung Moves Tab and Open The Chips Code Exynos for Developers

It was one of the news they expected developers to improve the performance of applications and the cooks of ROMs to be able to take advantage of this chipset, Exynos. This brand is responsible for operate Samsung terminals, including the Samsung Galaxy SIII, that it is sweeping in sales where it falls.
So far, any ROM for Samsung device not could take advantage of all its power, struggling much with performance in general terminal. Today Samsung has shown its support for developers and the community and will release the code the chipset to be able to take advantage of it all alquel who wants to use.
The biggest problem is finding a license able to be useful to developers, because the Exynos code is proprietary code that it doesn’t release easily. Now Samsung you only have to distribute a reliable SDK and the code that improves overall user experience on applications and their temrinales ROMs.