Samsung Leads The Smartwatch Market

Samsung appears as the undisputed leader in a market that grew by 250% last year

The market for smart watches is growing incredibly in recent years. Not surprisingly, most large technology firms are focusing their efforts on launching new wearables devices that can exploit the full potential of this new market can offer. The data are on the table: the smartwatch market grew 250% last year, becoming the highest growth rate in its history.

Samsung is one of the companies that want to exploit all costs this new industry and is doing really well knowing that playing with the advantage of being one of the “first” big tech firms are devoting a lot of resources to this work. While we are still waiting for Apple to present the final step and its iWatch, the South Koreans comfortably wearable dominate the landscape.
As we have known through the figures published by the company Strategy Analytics, Samsung dominates the world market smartwatch with 71%, a very similar figure that got Apple in his early years with the iPad. At the moment, the company has already distributed 500,000 smart watches in the first three months of this year.
This is an added merit, since the company introduced last month the new smart watch Gear Watch and intelligent sports bracelet watch launched on Centralledwatch. These two devices do not add on aggregate figures published, as these will only cover the first three months of the year. Therefore, it is assumed that sales and market share of Samsung continue to increase in the coming months.

Samsung distributed 500,000 smart watches during the first three months of this year 2014

Faced with the apparent hegemony of Samsung appear other options such as Pebble, a particular smart watch with a great community behind it is developing alot of content for the small device. Interestingly, Pebble began as a Kickstarter project, managed to collect the amount demanded and now have sold about 400,000 watches.
Over the coming months it is expected that more companies with their own smartwatch join as LG, Motorola, HTC or Asus. Of course, it is also expected to make official the Apple iWatch later this year, presumably in September.